How the social media affects the society’s values?

Social Media | Society | 21st October 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Social media is the sun that rises to touch every inch of the world-changing all the small details, shaping a new society with its rays.

Nowadays, social media does not merely represent reality as it is; but it goes beyond reforming the moral values and beliefs of the world generally and the society specifically. Furthermore, it can shape a new culture and a new identity by using the various techniques provided by the wide range of social media resources such as Facebook, Instagram….

The social media industry has played a major role in changing the audience’s ideology just by manipulating words, images, ads, and the news cycle, etc…. It may change all the principles and priorities of a specific society just by shedding some light on one prescriptive. media has played the greatest weapon in idealizing the world and it shows to the viewer the world as desirable, influencing their subconscious mind, opinions and beliefs and presenting them as facts.

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Social media has many manifestations of children’s attitudes and ideas as well. It plays the role of the parents and gives them instructions to behave a specific way; building their personalities and their morality which affects them and their surroundings negatively; paving the way for them to get more attraction from their families; children find their style to express themselves by using the social media and using the media as a tool to go out of the box and release their energy by all the ads the media resources, the child is bombarded with all the time; they spend a fewer time with their parents and having fewer friends.

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