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Productive | 12th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

How would you define productivity?
Productivity is the pursuit of mastery in a craft or activity – says the official definition. But what is productivity for each one of us? It may be the application of knowledge, the creation of ideas, the improvement of skills.

Whatever the case may be, it is an activity to improve your life in some significant way. In some ways, being productive is synonymous with being successful. On the other hand, being productive doesn’t guarantee success – it can lead to burnout and exhaustion - if it’s our only goal.

How to be more productive is a question that comes up repeatedly for any of us. There are many answers, but the truth is that none of us can accurately measure what is productive in any given situation.

Instead, we’ve got tools that tell us which activities produce the most results. So being productive is using those tools in the best possible way.

Let’s explore some tools - tips and tricks - on being more productive in some areas of your life.

How to be more productive at school or college?

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by school activities? Are you struggling to get things done in class? Chances are, you’re not alone. Being incredibly productive in school can be a challenge. The reason being that most of us struggle with – and have struggled with – getting focused and pulling our best performance out of ourselves and others to achieve our goals.

There’s a widespread perception that students are bored and disinterested in their work, resulting in resentment from teachers toward students and increased academic stress. How to be more productive in education starts with recognizing which areas of learning are being hindered - and targeting those areas with more significant effort.

Try to implement a timetable of your school responsibilities. For example, on Tuesday you can take care of homework for the week, and on Friday you can study for the tests ahead. A great plan is often the way to go when feeling stuck, not just in the school environment!

How to be more productive at work?

Staying motivated at work can be a challenge. There’s the daily grind of emails, responses, and paperwork. Then there are the big projects that need your full attention — projects that might seem impossible without extra help. You might feel like giving up because nothing seems to get resolved, and you feel like you’re getting farther away from completing them than ever before.

Giving up now would be giving in to your internal struggle — the very thing that keeps you from getting more done. So instead, choose one of these tactics to help improve your productivity in the coming days.

ú Work smarter - we often try to work harder and longer when we have a lot to do. But the truth is, the productive worker rarely needs that much work. Instead, try to look at your project from all angles and decide which one is the wisest one to work through.

ú Do one thing at a time - If you can’t get the job done in one sitting, you need to break up the task. It’s easy to get stuck in a repetitive pattern where you’re only doing the same tasks repeatedly. But, if you break down the tasks into smaller pieces and make sure each one is equally important, then you’ll be able to move much faster.

ú Stop procrastinating - Procrastination is a big issue for most people at work. The reasons why you put off doing things can be many and varied. From the fear of failure to a lack of motivation or a bad attitude, there are plenty of reasons why we procrastinate at work. But there is one thing that all of us have in common: we procrastinate because we don’t do what we want to do.

In today’s business environment, we often have to follow the lead of those higher up. It’s easy to become mundane and careless about what needs to be done. You have to remember that motivation isn’t something you get; it’s something you give.

Don’t force it

Work-life balance is essential for a productive person. A practical person does not just want more opportunities; they want greater control over what they do and how they behave at work. When you put these things in balance, you are more likely to do your best work.

The key here is that balance must come from within. You can’t force your way to productivity. But you can learn how to manage your time, actions, and personality so that when the going gets hard (and it tends to do), you’ll be more than ready.

More benefits to being productive

Achieving goals and being productive makes you more energized, focused and alert. Being productive has been linked to numerous health benefits, such as better sleep, improved creativity and more.

Being productive also impacts social life: you’re more likely to meet new people and have new experiences. It’s also beneficial in and of itself, significantly when you can contribute something great to the world around you. If you work hard and put in the hours needed to succeed in your career, you’ll reap the well-deserved rewards quickly!

Productivity isn’t a punishment. Instead, it’s a choice. We all have the freedom to choose how to spend our time, and if we choose wisely, we can live happier and more productive lives. Living an efficient working life allows you to enjoy more of life’s moments, whether working on a project or relaxing at home.

What to take away?

“Being productive” can be written in many ways. Some people will tell you it’s how much you accomplish each day, while others will tell you how efficiently you operate within your given timeframe.

Regardless of how you define productivity, there’s no denying the benefits of maintaining a high level of focus and effort to produce results. Whether you’re working on top-secret projects or enjoying time with friends and family, there’s no better way to recharge than by engaging in some form of productive activity!

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