How to Develop Your Teenagers Communication Skills In The Digital Age!

Develop | Teenager | Skills | 14th October 2021 | Virtual Wire

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Technology has changed the way we interact with one another.

The new social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are taking over old platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which for many people seem more like a place to maintain connections with old friends than make new ones. Technology is changing how we communicate, which has some unexpected consequences on teenagers' communication skills.

Some of these changes are good, but others are pretty worrying. There are also positive aspects of technology that need to be kept in mind - all-encompassing technology can lead to better jobs. But it is essential not to forget the adverse side effects of this ever-present digital world on our children's development and mental health.

Tip 1: Establish Boundaries with Social Media & Technology

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You must establish boundaries with social media and technology. You need to be aware of how these tools affect your child and how you can ensure they stay safe. Be mindful of their physical and mental health. Social media use has been linked with increased mental health issues among teens, especially teenaged girls. The anonymity that social media provides makes some feel like they can say anything, and often the word that comes out isn’t nice. Teens may not have had time to understand the power of words yet.

They lack the maturity to know that the words they say have consequences. In order to help your teen, learn proper communication skills online, you should monitor what they do. It is also a wise choice to establish a pre-set age that your teen can go online alone with loosened restrictions. My teen son hates that I monitor what he does online. He argues that I am sheltering him too much and will not allow him to grow. My mommy explanation is that I am helping him grow because I am directing him to make wiser choices about what he posts online.

Tip 2: Encourage Face to Face Communication with Others


In order to get better at communicating with others, teenagers need to get out of their comfort zone and talk to people face-to-face. A teenager can make a new friend by going into a public place and creating conversation with someone they have never met before. They can also work on their general speaking skills by giving talks in front of a group of people on a topic that they are passionate about. A teenager could also participate in an extracurricular activity that requires a lot of public speaking, such as debate club or theatre club.

Tip 3: Listen Carefully - Be Ready to Hear What They are Saying

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When I was a kid, my mom used to say to me, “You have two ears and one mouth because you are supposed to listen twice as much as you speak.”That is easier said than done for teens. Sometimes I look at my son, and I can see him thinking up his response when I talk rather than listening to what I am saying. But it should be expected because the teen years are self-centred by necessity.