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Content | Tools | 23rd August 2021 | Virtual Wire

One of the most important parts of Digital Marketing is your online content. There are various ways to gain traffic on your website or social media platform, but it’s the quality and quantity of content that would convince people to keep coming back.

Almost all good companies spend a sizable amount of their funds on hiring trained and experienced content writers. But not all companies have the privilege of having huge amounts of funds. If you are just starting out and you want to know what all you can do by yourself to improve your content, look no further. Here is a list of tools you can use that are available on the internet for little to no price. Even if you are an accomplished and experienced content writer, these tools help you get even better.

Many marketers have used these tools and realized how helpful they are. More than 50% of marketers use some kind of tool to help with their content workflow. The problem is more than 65% of these marketers are dissatisfied by the amount of variety and quality of tools available online.

So, let’s go through all of these tools and see the best way to use them.


This tool helps you understand the analytics of your website. It shows you what’s going on, which pages are the most/ least visited, and how people found your website on the web. This website shows you the general statistics that you, as a website owner would need to improve your content.

Google Analytics also allows you to track specific tasks or data by setting up custom goals and events. You can set them up yourself, and there are many online help resources to learn about these custom variables.


Canva is a wonderful image creation app. It is truly a magnificent image creation tool. You can select your image type from many different options (banners, photos, social media, and more) or choose a custom size. With hundreds of free templates, backgrounds, images, icons, etc. and thousands more for $1 each, you will never run out of inspiration and the ability to create professional-quality images.

That’s the best part; it takes care of the one thing that was thought to be random and uncertain, imagination. It provides you with imaginative and creative ideas that could make your website look more aesthetically pleasing.


This tool helps you with checking plagiarism on your content. There are multiple plagiarism-checking websites on the internet that are often not very helpful. With Siteliner, you can quickly check your website for duplicate content. People, as well as Search Engines, know if the content is taken from another website.

Search Engines can penalize your site by ranking it very low on the search list or by removing it entirely from the web. So try to be original, and use Siteliner to be absolutely sure that there’s no plagiarism on your webpage.


It is a wonderful editing app where you can copy and paste your content and it will highlight complicated sentences, confusing words, passive phrasing, and more with colour-coded marks for quick and easy edits. It makes sure that your content is easy to understand for the normal audience and that anybody could understand your content perfectly. You want your content to be crystal clear and to the point, without beating around the bush, and the Hemingway Editor would do that for you.


This is pretty much the official Keyword Search tool on the web, as it is owned by Google. It fulfils the whole extent of keyword research needs, whether you’re designing content for your website or writing copy for a social media campaign. Now, there are many keyword research tools on the internet.

But Keyword Planner, being owned by Google, gives you a way better idea of the algorithm than any other tool. You can enter your topic, industry, website, and more to have a selection of keywords organized by subject, popularity, level of competition, etc. This tool should be your first stop when picking the perfect keywords for your content writing.


This is a powerful CMS tool for marketers and sales professionals. With its content personalization and report features, this tool can also help your marketing needs for small businesses that can’t afford their own marketing team. Out of all the amazing features that Hubspot has, one of the best features is keyword optimization.

Based on the primary keyword defined for a page, a list of content suggestions is presented to optimize the page content for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results. This tool has helped a lot of people in making sure that keywords are used in the content naturally and as intended.


This is not something many people think about while writing content for a website. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is extremely crucial. If you are still on the edge about this idea, let us take a deeper dive and explain why exactly it is so important. When you are able to speak to your target audience on an emotional level when you touch their hearts, you become more than just a company and this increases your odds of being very successful.

So, the point is, Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer makes you more than just another company. This tool makes it easy to better understand the emotional marketing value of your headline. You don’t have to guess as to whether or not you are using the right words, as everything is laid out for you.

Now, in conclusion, tools would only help you improve your content, but you still need to make your own content and strive to be creative. These tools won’t create content for you. You are in charge of that, but these tools will make the journey much easier.

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