How to Jungle From A to Z: Tips To Improve your Jungling Skills in League of Legends!

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When it comes to League of Legends, the Jungle is usually the less popular role of them all. The reason is quite easy to guess: being a Jungler can be a nightmare.

You’re rarely praised when the game is won, even if you played a big role in its success. You’re always blamed if things go bad, even if it’s not your fault at all. But everyone knows that the Jungler it’s the most important role and that we need them so badly. Therefore, my personal mission is to make this role more appealing for everyone, so here’s everything you need to know about the jungle. A Jungler’s role is very similar to the archetypal “roamer” and they need to be able to farm efficiently, as well as gank lanes. Junglers usually push lanes, helping their teammates secure more resources and experience.

This is because the jungle does not need those resources as much as a laner would. However, efficient farming is one of the most important skills for any jungle and should be practised juggling until it becomes second nature. Taking jungle camps also grants gold so you should be making sure to take all the camps that are available on your side of the map before taking any other lane’s creeps. Here are a few other things and tips to bear in mind while jungling:

Always remember to Smite


Junglers should always use Smite to clear big monster camps. Duelling a champion gives your opponent a significant gold advantage while you will only have the gold from the camp so it’s not worth taking up space in your inventory for other spells. It also helps bring down objectives faster which will help you win games more easily. It also allows the jungle to have a higher presence on the map, making it easier for them to help out lanes that need it. To smite flash over walls or terrain, hold Shift and then press Smite on an enemy champion.

Never fight alone


One of the most important things to remember while juggling is that junglers should never be alone. Junglers should always have teammates that can help defend and gank lanes, as well as defend the other lanes, especially the bottom lane. A lot of solo-junglers tend to fall behind due to the lack of protection so having a team is very important for these players. Lanes can be easily defended by fully ganking your lane and freeing your laner from any pressure so he can push his lane more easily. Forcing your enemy laners not to fight alone will prevent them from falling behind and falling further and further behind if they do fall back.

Never leave yourself vulnerable


Another important thing to remember is that you have no control over the outcome of a fight. You can use Smite to finish off any enemy that is low on health but you cannot make them attack when they are not ready to. Keep this in mind at all times when clearing camps and when clearing the jungle if it is your turn. Never leave yourself vulnerable when clearing camps or when clearing the jungle, always try to stay in the shadows or in the brush so they cannot see you easily. This can be particularly useful for ganking lanes since they will often go back into the lane after taking a camp so staying below their sightlines is one way of ensuring that your laner does not fall behind in the lane.

Build according to the enemy team

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Choosing your item build is also very important. Junglers are usually given a lot of gold because their role is to help the lanes more than anything else. As such, you should invest some of that gold into stat-based items and defensive items to help you stay alive while dealing damage and helping out your laners. Make sure not to build too many magic penetration or attack speed items since they do not benefit your overall goal: helping the lanes without falling behind in any one lane. This also means that certain builds become better depending on what team you are against so you can play around with different builds on different teams and squad compositions until you find the best one.

Do not be afraid to roam


Junglers are usually the ones that roam the map the most since they have the time to do so. Investing inwards is also very important for junglers since you will need them to successfully roam around your map and help your teammates be more successful. Make sure not to over-extend if you are not sure where your enemies are, though, as it can cost you your life if you are caught out. Investing inwards is also very important for this reason, especially when you are moving around trying to help out allies that need assistance.

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