How To Prepare And Standout At A Virtual Career Fair!

Standout | Virtual Career | 31st October 2021 | Virtual Wire

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With the job market getting competitive, many companies set up career fairs for online and virtual interviews.

The process of preparing for such an event can be intimidating, but it is still possible to stand out among the crowd. Preparing a job pitch when you lack experience can be challenging. There are ways to help candidates can shine from other candidates by asking insightful questions about the company's mission and values and showcasing past examples of stellar work.

What Is A Virtual Career Fair?

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A virtual career fair (VCF) is a recruitment event that takes place digitally. It is usually organized by recruiters, HR managers, and companies trying to find new employees or recruit candidates.

Virtual career fairs became popular in the last decade, especially after the recent recession in 2020. VCFs are popular with employers because they can reach out to a broader range of candidates simply using social media.

During the open hours of the VCF, candidates can stop by virtual booths to speak with companies and leave a resume. At times, there may even be interviews done via Zoom or Skype. It's not just about finding your dream job either - you can also use this opportunity to secure future interviews with these companies.

If candidates miss the VCF, they often can speak with recruiters after hours or are emailed job descriptions. Interested job seekers can then visit the company’s website and apply online or click on the company profile to find out more about it.

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