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Reading a science blog post can be interesting. Seeing words like seismology and anaphylaxis brings about curiosity that forces you to look up a science dictionary.

Well, that’s science, but when bloggers use such big words, it removes the simplicity in the write-up, making it sesquipedalian. (Pun intended 😅) Write-ups target different audiences with the intent to inform, describe or teach. Let’s say you have to research a topic; you’re new to this field, and it’s for a project. You looked up a few posts only to get confused. Although the blogger wrote valid points on the topic, you couldn’t comprehend it because—-- you’re not the target audience. All posts are open to everyone to read but target a particular audience. Who is the audience? An Audience is a person for whom a writer writes, or composer composes. You see, I could write a post about computers, and you could stumble upon it. You, not being a computer person, might not understand some terminologies I used, which will make it hard for you to understand. Because you are not my audience, you will not find it valuable.

What to do the next time you read a post?


The easy type of posts to understand is ‘How to’ posts. Well, this wouldn’t work for all kinds of topics. However, they help to show steps to carry out an activity while some go the extra mile to add videos that will explain everything better. When inputting words to search on Google, make sure to input the necessary keywords as it helps Google optimise your search bringing out the best results. If you have little knowledge of the topic, product, or service, a beginner guide is best suited because it will give a detailed explanation of the basics.

When researching, learn to be open-minded, also, reread even if it means starting all over again. Reading is one thing, and comprehension is another thing. Reading out loud helps improve your memory. Think about it, when you sing the lyrics of a song out loud, it sticks easily. Next time, do not just skim but read out loud. Generally, reading is fun if you put your mind to it. It becomes even better when you comprehend what you read. So when you see a word that makes the sentence confusing, why not pause, go back to the beginning and read it, this time out loud and if the word is unknown to you, look it up.

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