How to step into your professional life?

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These are the basic things that a student needs before they step into their professional life. Academics are important but do you also know about the other skills that you need to get internships, college societies, volunteer communities.

These things have become the basic pre-requisite for anyone who is either applying for masters abroad or for the job because the person on the other side of the table or on the other side of the camera judges you on your confidence, experience, skills, education and what drives you in your life.

Here are some basic things which one should know:-

CV i.e. Curriculum Vitae. The prior thing you need is a CV, it is a brief summary of your qualifications, education, and experiences relevant to your internship/job search objective. The first and formost purpose of a resume is to obtain an interview. Employers will spend less than 30 seconds reviewing your resume. Therefore, the information must be conveyed in a clear & well-organized style. The CV is divided into some categories:-

  1. Objective.

  2. Education.

  3. Coursework and Skills; it enlists about the courses and certifications you have done from which institutions, any foreign language.

  4. Experience; it says about your internships, volunteer community service, academic/extracurricular projects involving teamwork or leadership, special academic research or honours projects.

  5. Strengths.

  6. Extra-Curricular Activities; hobbies.

There is no single way to format your resume you can design it any way you like it but Example- Experience and Education can be in a chronological format which is done normally or in a reverse chronological format which is followed by Ivy League Schools like Stanford etc which is straightforward & useful to the HR. It’s better to be updated on what small things are changing by researching. That small changes will make your CV & application different from the rest of others.

Now how to find internships?

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Follow Instagram pages of the societies, communities or pages that post relevant content but the best place would be on LinkedIn, nobody has a network built right from the starting, connect with your friends there, your seniors, your college pass-outs or with anyone. Go through their profiles and ping them for advice or any related things that they have done or you want to.

Ping the HR’s or founders of companies, firms or start up’s related to your field and send them you CV with a polite message that they should consider you for the post. Who thought something helpful wouldn’t come out of stalking.. haha Now, just be confident and take breathe before your interview. Remember Everybody starts somewhere, you don’t have to worry if you are a newbie in this; just convince them “why are you the best ?” I know you did all the hard work and you deserve this.

Some helpful Tips-

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  1. Find your interest courses from online platforms like EDX, Coursera and SWAYAM( it’s an Indian Govt initiated program, the best institutions in our country have courses for students in diverse fields) and try to earn a certificate too because that determines the credibility.

  2. Learn a foreign language from the 1st year of your college if you are planning to go abroad that shows how serious you are about your future, Delhi University offers different language courses which are also comparatively cheaper than outside institutions.

  3. Everything is about selling in every job, sector and field and you have to do the same in your interview. Sell yourself, why you are the best, why you fit in this place. You just have to adapt with what the customer wants to hear(HR).

  4. About Research papers & projects, the majority of Indian students don’t know much how to write a paper or how to contact professors and what to write in a Cover Letter that you send to the professors. If you want to know more about how to do this, comment down below and I will try & help you out.

Comment down below and tell me if this was helpful for you, open to discussion . Share it with your friends who might need it.

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