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During the times of covid 19 things had become so difficult not just for some people but for most of the people in the world.

Things had taken up a toll in such a negative way that most of the people who were weak enough had passed away due to the virus and the rest who lived were affected mentally. Taking care of oneself talks about two things that are the most important asset in the world is physical and mental health. If you are not physically fit then it will affect you badly and if you are not mentally fit it will again affect you negatively. Both of them are equally important for a human being. The idea is to be in balance, a state of mind where you are not affected by the outer outcomes. You move smoothly without any fear.


5-ways through which you can take care of yourself is:

  1. Sleep- getting enough sleep is the ultimate important thing in the world. Sleep makes you feel fresh and energetic. It also recharges your body in a way that after waking you feel more ready to take down the day.

  2. Water- Drinking enough water is also a must as it cleans your system properly. Every single day a person should at least drink 7 to 8 glasses of water. Drinking less amount of water also creates many problems and leads to health issues.

  3. Healthy food- Eating healthy food is another most important part of our life. Without food, we as individuals cannot exist or even survive for more than 3 to 4 days. Food is the most essential part of our life and eating food gives us energy and strength to deal with the day. Eating junk food is tasty and has many flavours but there is a reason why junk food shouldn’t be eaten as it leads to a lot of harmful effects on the body. It messes with your digestive system and might lead you to issues like digestive problems gas, bloating, constipation etc. That’s why eating a healthy diet like vegetables, fruits are good for health. It gives us the energy to work.

  4. Journal- Journaling might be a new term for you but it basically means planning out the day by writing them down in the journal. The more clear you are about your day the better it is for you to plan and execute. So then you can have a productive day and tick mark all the things you completed. Although it is time-consuming it makes your life a little bit easier by just sorting out and planning everything.

  5. Books- Reading books is also a way of taking care of yourself. Books are a source of knowledge that takes you far in life and makes your vocabulary strong. It has other benefits too like when you start reading more you start evaluating more and processing more. You start becoming those things little by little, step by step. For some people reading is the most peaceful and the most perfect thing for them but for some others, it may not be. So as a person they should focus on what makes them happy about a thing like some might love reading books, some might love running, some might love exercising, some might love singing, some might love ding photography. It completely depends on the person’s niche. We as individuals learn a lot from books like moral values, lessons, stories, poems, riddles, new words etc. So that too is a way of how you take care of yourself.

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