How to Travel on a Budget?

Travel | Budget | 16th February 2022 | Virtual Wire


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We all know the urge to go out and just stay in the mountains or chill at the beach. Vacations are indeed a short escape from reality.

However, this escape can be snatched away if you are low on budget. Studies show that people who travel less usually have higher levels of stress as compared to others who travel. To help you plan a trip that doesn't hurt your wallet, here are five tips that you can use to save costs and enjoy more.

Travel off-season

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During the on-season, a lot of people tend to travel. Consequently, the cost of practically everything goes up: hotel rooms, taxis, flight tickets, souvenirs all become expensive. Thus, the best time to travel is just before or after the on-season. The weather conditions aren't that harsh, neither do you have to pay exorbitant prices for the same facilities.

Accommodate yourself


After travelling expenses, living expenses are the highest when you go on a trip. While you cannot change your travelling expenses much, a lot can be done with accommodation expenses. So, try replacing expensive hotel rooms with dorm rooms. Other facilities like Airbnb and Oyo have almost half the price and make you feel like you actually live in that city (at least for a few nights).

Book tickets in advance


Flight tickets prices are the highest when you book them the closest to date. Aeroplane timetables about flights are presented up to almost a year before. Therefore, try booking them in advance as you can either get them at low prices or enjoy in-flight meals at the same prices. Another tip, try travelling on weekdays as flights are cheaper and the rush at airports is also lesser.

Avoid tourist traps


While not all tour packages are a snitch, one should try to avoid them. They usually have more expensive hotel rooms and food costs. Moreover, you don't get to experience life outside your pre-planned trip. Even within your destination avoid restaurants on the main strip and try something down a sidewalk. The food will probably be better as well as cheaper!

Search for free things


Whenever you plan a trip, try looking for places that might be free or cheaper on certain days. Sometimes, museums and memorials have free entry or local events that you can try. This way you can enjoy the heritage and also save lots of money on tickets and tour guides.


These are some of the best budget-friendly tips to incorporate when planning your next trip. However, try not to be so skinflint that you forget to have fun while trying to save money. After all, trips are for fun, not a savings scheme!

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