How WhatsApp Marketing is helping E-commerce Businesses!

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Due to this pandemic, the shopping perspective has been changing. Despite having negative impacts on other areas, E-commerce businesses can manage their profit scale.

One big thing behind their success is the way they are marketing their products. Today in this article, we will discuss how Whatsapp marketing (via WhatsApp business API) is helping E-commerce businesses. Let's start this with the working of the WhatsApp business.

What is Whatsapp Business, and it's working?

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Aside from the popular app, you're familiar with for personal use, Whatsapp includes two business-oriented variants. Despite their similar names, they are vastly different in terms of feature sets, pricing, and the use cases they offer. Small businesses should use the Whatsapp Business App. It's free for Android and iPhone and includes basic support features like quick replies, labels, and a company profile. Businesses can receive and respond to an infinite amount of WhatsApp messages from their customers using this application programming interface (API).

Brief about Whatsapp Business API


Whatsapp Business was just created to allow small business marketers to reach out to more clients and users. Facebook has now taken things a step further by launching WhatsApp API for significant businesses. WhatsApp now allows companies to communicate directly with their clients over WhatsApp using the WhatsApp API. It is one of the ways to thrill their customers. Businesses can use the API to react to consumer inquiries or provide them with additional information they've requested. Because it is an API, there is no front-end interface or app. According to the plan, businesses will use the WhatsApp API endpoint to integrate it into their IT stack.

Whatsapp API's main features

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Let's understand some of its other features also. Make contact with coworkers or employees. It's also an excellent approach to communicating with staff.

Quick Responses

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WhatsApp is the most extensively used messaging platform. WhatsApp has a large and active user base, with over 65 billion messages sent per day.

What is the WhatsApp Business API's role as an e-commerce platform?

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Whether big or small an e-commerce store is, owners can use the WhatsApp Business platform or the Whatsapp API. Finally, they may use Whatsapp Business for e-commerce to increase the most crucial aspect of every company's success: client experiences. Here are some ways that e-commerce companies might take advantage of this dynamic platform.

Customer Service ‍

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WhatsApp API is quickly becoming a must-have tool for E-Commerce enterprises. It allows for one-on-one communication with customers. . With this cutting-edge technology, you may enjoy an entirely new level of customer service. Gain some brownie points by gaining the trust of your clients and cultivating a loyal user base.

After-Purchase Service

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You can provide a delightful post-purchase experience on WhatsApp using a sophisticated solution like interact. Using it can help you have a better time.

Notifications for on order status

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The WhatsApp API provides an attractive way to communicate with consumers, whether providing order confirmations, payment updates, or back-in-stock warnings. These notifications might help you enhance interaction with your consumers by boosting your dialogues with them. Rather than pestering your customers with low-open-rate emails and SMSs, provide them access to all of this information via their favourite messaging app! Allow your clients to know precisely where their product is at all times, eliminating the need to switch between apps to track delivery.

What is WhatsApp marketing via WhatsApp business API preferable?

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In India, there are 340 million monthly WhatsApp users and around 100 million in Brazil. WhatsApp application is a fantastic alternative for promotions in the US market, as 68 million Americans use it at least once a month. Almost everyone who uses WhatsApp does so daily... As a result, WhatsApp marketing allows you to communicate with your customers. According to the survey, text messages have a 98 per cent open rate, ensuring that your offers are seen.

Marketing costs are lower.

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WhatsApp is still a relatively inexpensive marketing medium, which makes it appealing to small businesses. All you need to do is download an app and connect to the Internet. Every day, the average user checks WhatsApp 23 times. WhatsApp marketing raises conversions, increases income, aids in the development of long-term client connections, and costs next to nothing in terms of marketing costs. To learn how to establish a WhatsApp marketing plan, keep reading.

Conversations that have been verified by the brand

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Every firm should build a unique business identity that incorporates branding aspects into your WhatsApp interactions. You can add contact numbers, website addresses, retail locations and addresses, promotional information, and more. WhatsApp Business also allows you to have photographs, videos, and documents in your conversations.

Customer Messaging Opt-In Provides Additional Security

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Two-factor authentication is built into WhatsApp to keep both consumers and companies safe. WhatsApp Company also checks your company account upon registration, ensuring that customers who have opted in to receive your texts and communications are getting them from you.

More Conversations Will Begin Automatically

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You may design template messages that remind clients to take the next step and start a discussion once they've opted to receive WhatsApp messages from your company. WhatsApp ensures that users do not receive spam or irrelevant conversations by enforcing tight content quality and response time criteria. It mandates that corporate users react to incoming consumer messages within 24 hours using a non-template message.

The following are some more time-saving messages.

  • Customers should be informed about wait times.

  • Provide connections to FAQ resources as a follow-up.

  • Encourage users to set up a time to talk.

Top Use Cases that brands are using for WhatsApp marketing

Product Locator

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The product finder is another option on our list of e-commerce WhatsApp use cases. Unlike a help guide, a product finder uses a conversational approach to help customers filter an otherwise overwhelming sea of options depending on their interests.

Confirmation of Transactions, Invoices, and Notifications

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You can deliver critical sensitive information to clients swiftly and securely using WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption without worrying about the message accidentally ending up in the "JUNK" category.

Suggestions for products and purchases


Even though most user interfaces allow for it, product suggestions within a bot are still uncommon. A one-on-one interaction, however, is the best location to get personalized recommendations.

Helpful Instructions

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Despite its many advantages, online shopping denies customers the opportunity to examine products up close or ask a short inquiry to a nearby standing sales assistant. Chatbots have become extremely popular in the E-Commerce industry. They can respond to questions much more quickly and efficiently, reducing wait times.


Thanks for staying in! Hope this article will help you with a basic understanding of WhatsApp marketing. Whatsapp businesses APIs are quick and help businesses spend much less time on tasks such as briefing about the product and all mentioned above in the article. Whatsapp end-to-end encryption can even lessen the security issues for both customers and sellers.

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