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Hustle | Culture | 23rd September 2022 | Virtual Wire



Are you obsessed with your life goals? Can’t you stop working hard to achieve these life goals? Then you might be part of the toxic hustle culture.

We live in a society where hard work is considered to be rewarding, so people overwork and try to achieve a high-level position and a high salary. But they also demand instant results, which come at a cost. It takes a toll on your health and happiness. A person who is part of the hustle culture overwork and rests little. They do so because they think they get behind if they don’t. That’s why they are also called “workaholics". Those people always prioritize hard work and do not relax. Another trait of them is that they feel guilty when they relax and don’t work. They think the harder they work, the higher they will earn.

Hustle culture is also called burnout culture or grind culture because it might lead to burnout which means emotional exhaustion. In many cultures, overwork is praised and awarded. People want to climb the steps higher and faster, however, there is no limit and if overwork dominates your life, mental and physical problems may emerge. We are all human and we need a break, as well. We need to separate professional life from personal life. But how can we handle the hustle culture? First of all, we all have emotions and we should take great care of them, too. If you are tired, then you should rest. By entertaining yourself, you also invest in your mental health.


Then you shouldn't compare yourself to others. You should keep in mind that we are not in a race. Next, you should own a hobby in your spare time. Without a hobby, a person might prioritize work again. To avoid a workaholic culture some companies organize activities, such as gatherings and sports events. Moreover, some countries have been discussing a reduction in working hours. It proved to increase productivity. Lastly, hustle culture is not sustainable in the long run as nobody can be productive all the time. Instead, just focus on having a healthy work-life balance.

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