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Health is Wealth. The proverb Health is Wealth is absolutely true. Our health comes first. It is the real wealth for us.

It is an important part of our life. If we are healthy we enjoy our life. Our happiness depends on our health. If our health is not well our mind becomes dull. Without good health, we can't enjoy our life.

How to maintain good health!

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  • We should get up early and sleep at the proper time to maintain our health.

  • We should do yoga and meditation. daily for 20 minute's to fresh our minds and increase our mental abilities.

  • We should not eat unhealthy food like junk food, fried food these are very harmful to a portion of healthy food to our health.

  • We should eat only healthy food. Healthy food means food that contains the right amount of proteins, vitamins, fat, fibre and carbohydrates.

  • We have many options to stay fit. We can do exercises at home. We can go to the gym and doing workouts. We can play any game. But only outdoor games like football, cricket and many others not on mobile like free fire, pubg etc.

  • We should avoid a sedentary lifestyle and do physical activities daily.

  • We should drink more water to hydrate our bodies.

Sedentary lifestyle

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A Sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle with little or no physical activity a person living a sedentary lifestyle is often sitting and lying down while engaged in an activity like reading, watching television, playing video games or using the mobile phone much a day.

Sedentary behaviour

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  • TV viewing

  • Computer use

  • Driving

  • Reading

  • Eating

  • Using Mobile

  • Playing video games

Risks of inactivity

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  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Obesity

  • Diabetes

  • Overall mortality

Benefits of yoga

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  • It helps in weight loss.

  • It improves our Immunity.

  • It relieves stress and anxiety.

  • It increases our flexibility and muscles strength.

  • It helps in back pain relief.

  • It is very beneficial for heart health.

  • It relaxes you, to help you sleep better.

  • It can mean more energy and brighter moods.

  • It can arthritis symptoms.

  • It connects you with a supportive community.

  • It promotes better self-care.

Benefits of water

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  • It lubricates the joints. cartilage, found in joints and the disk of the spine, contains around 80% water.

  • It forms saliva and mucus. Saliva helps us digest our food and keeps the mouth, nose and eyes moist. This prevents friction and damage.

  • It helps maintain blood pressure. A lack of water can cause blood to become thicker, increasing blood pressure.

  • It flushes body waste. Water is needed in the process of sweating and the removal of urine and faeces.

  • It delivers oxygen throughout the body. Blood is more than 90% water and blood carries oxygen to a different part of the body.

  • It boosts skin health and beauty, With dehydration, the skin can become more vulnerable to skin disorders and premature wrinkling.

  • It regulates body temperature. Water that is stored in the middle layers of the skin comes to the skin's surface as sweat when the body heats up. As it evaporates, it cools the body.

  • Drinking water also keeps the mouth clean. Consumed instead of sweetened beverages, it can also reduce tooth decay.

  • The digestive system depends on it. The body needs water to work properly.

  • It cushions the brain, spinal cord and other sensitive tissues.

Unhealthy food

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We all need food to live and grow. Unhealthy foods are good in taste but bad for our health. The food that can make us unhealthy and lazy is called unhealthy food. Junk food and all fried foods are examples of unhealthy food. These foods are very harmful to our bodies. Unhealthy foods should not be taken in excess amounts. These foods don't contain all the necessary elements for our body. Unhealthy food doesn't have proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and other important elements.

The harm of Unhealthy food

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  • They negatively affect our body and immune system.

  • Unhealthy food primarily affects our lungs and respiratory system.

  • Junk food contains high amounts of sugar, calories and cholesterol.

  • It contains excess oil, sugar and more.

  • This food is not easy to digest.

  • Unhealthy food contains high calories and saturated fat harmful to our health.

  • They store the unnecessary amount of fat in our bodies.

  • This food may create physical and also mental disorders.

Healthy food

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We all need food to live and grow. Every individual needs healthy food for a healthy body. Healthy food is a requirement of our body. Healthy foods are essential for living a disease-free life. Healthy food includes green vegetables, cereals, dairy, products, meat and fruits etc. An integral part of healthy food is fresh drinking water in plenty of volumes. Healthy food is effective only when we take it in a balanced ratio. Snacks and other junk food are the enemy of our body and do not include healthy food. Healthy food taken in large portions at a time can damage the digestive system. Healthy food requires proper excise to make it most effective.

Benefits of Healthy food

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  • Healthy food contains the all necessary elements for our body like protein, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates etc.

  • Healthy food also helps us in balancing our body weight.

  • Protein helps our body in repairing its dead or broken cells.

  • Carbohydrates help us in getting energy to be ready for our daily work.

  • Vitamins strengthen our bones and keep us away from diseases.

  • Healthy food is essential for our body, soul and life.

  • Healthy food makes the body active and strong.

  • It also helps in brain functioning.

  • Healthy food strengthens our immune system.

  • It provides strength to fight against diseases.

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