In Pursuit of Positive Thinking: The Art of Not Being Miserable!

Positive | Thinking | 18th September 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Positive thinking is a skill that we all need to develop and practice. There are many benefits of being positive, including better health, increased creativity, higher productivity, and more success in life.

Achieving this skill can be difficult for some people, but it's well worth the effort! This blog post will discuss how you can start developing your positivity skills today so you can live an improved lifestyle tomorrow!

- Your Boss

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Problem Solving Tip: Always try to think about the positives when solving problems; they often lead to better solutions! The point is not to be grateful or happy all the time--but rather to focus on what has gone well so far and use it as an anchor for moving forward with courage and optimism.

And always keep perspective - no matter how bad things may seem today, there's likely been something worse in your past (even if that was only a short while ago).

- Your Partner

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Problem Solving Tip: Focus on what you admire and like about your partner rather than the problems. Even if many things bother or irritate you now in time, thinking about the good stuff can help keep your relationship alive! In addition, make an effort not to take anything personally.

Everyone has the issues they need to work through, and it's often impossible for them to be fully aware of yours when reacting with negativity (even though how we react is generally based on our own experience).

And finally, use the following mantra anytime someone says something negative which may cause self-doubt: "I have every right to feel my feelings."

- Yourself

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Problem Solving Tip: When faced with a problem, focus on the positives. We often forget that we're capable of much more than what meets the eye--so take an inventory and remind yourself!

Give people compliments instead of complaints when you can; it's not just about them--it will also help lift your spirits so that you can find solutions together. And finally, don't let fear stop you - remember that courage is being afraid but doing it anyway (yes, I'm quoting from The Lion King!), which is how positive thinking starts.

As they say: "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second-best time is now!". So no matter what has happened in your past or how you feel in the moment, try to think about what is possible and let that go into your actions instead.

- Life as a whole!

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Problem Solving Tip: Focus on what's going well--even if it seems small or insignificant - they are proof of progress, and since we're never perfect, this will help us grow! We all have problems but don't forget to be grateful for the things which make life worth living (like love!).

And finally, always remember that there are people out there who may not have even one thing good happen to them every day--we should count our blessings while being mindful of their struggles at the same time so we can do better by each other moving forward.

We are all in pursuit of happiness. However, it is more than just being happy and feeling good. Happiness also means having a deep sense of meaning or purpose for your life as well as an outlook that reflects the goodness or rightness of what you believe to be true about yourself and others around you.

In short, happiness is not simply a momentary mood-it's a way of living that can profoundly affect our health, relationships, careers, and other areas of our lives. So how do we get there? It's really up to us! Changing our thoughts changes everything else because when we change the story inside ourselves, ourselves-we find peace within and without.

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