India: The third wave to hit very soon!

Covid-19 | India | 21st June 2021 | Virtual Wire

Third-wave can hit India within 6-8 weeks if COVID-appropriate behaviour is not followed, warns AIIMS chief.

AIIMS director Randeep Guleria stated that India would be hit with another crisis of the third wave if proper COVID norms are continuously violated. Several states and areas around the nation have reportedly breached laws and COVID-restrictions amid the rising number of deaths and active cases.

Recently, the Delhi High Court took note of the crowds around markets and various tourist spots after easing the lockdown restrictions. It was seen to be a larger mob than ever which imposed a huge risk of a surge in cases. Guleria’s statement came soon after this incident and he warned about the possibility of the third wave hitting in the near future.

New reports have shown the emergence of countable positive cases of the new delta-plus variant in Maharashtra. Experts predict that this could be a major contributing factor towards the third wave.

What should you do now?

It is important to note that the relaxation of rules does not mean the virus has completely gone. It is still present everywhere and it is the duty of the individual to be diligent enough to stop the spread of the virus.

Maintain social distance and abide by the rules put forward by the respective government. It is advisable to go out only if it is an absolute necessity or else, staying home is the best option.

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