Interior Design on a Budget!

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Are you looking to revamp your home but don't want to spend loads of money on it? Would you like some cheap and easy things that you can do to make your home look better?

If your answer is yes to both the questions, you are at the right place. We all know how interior designing can be cumbersome and expensive. So, I present five easy ways of designing your house that won't hurt your pocket.

Remove excess clutter


Cleanliness is really next to godliness. The simplest way to make your home look spacious and better is to remove any extra clutter in your house. It could include any of the unused items in your house or simply things that you no longer need. Clear it out and you'll see the difference right away.



'Less is more' does stand true. Accessorizing is one of the most cost-effective ways of designing your home. Vases, candles, artwork, cushions are some of the things that you can use to accessorize your home. The best part about accessories is that when correctly placed they can be used to hide flaws within the household.

Play with your walls


Walls are the largest surface in a room. Therefore, accessorizing them can give huge differences to your home. Instead of painting designer walls that cost high, try other alternatives like wallpapers and decals. These are not only inexpensive but are can also be installed and removed easily. You can also use artworks that are ready-made, or you can create some of your own. Sometimes, attractive wall decors in each room might be all you need to redesign your interior.

Get home plants


Potted plants are another attractive way to bring attention to your interior design. They are not only compact and make your household look better but also circulate the air around you to keep temperatures cooler. Fiddle leaf figs and cacti are recommended as they require little care. Bonsai is a famous choice if you can take care of it. Try ceramic or standing planters and terrariums to have a more updated look.

Get a fancy mirror

Mirrors have multiple benefits. Stylish mirrors reflect the light present to make the space look larger than the original. You can also check out yourself before going out. And the best part: they are great for mirror selfies.



There are a number of different ways to revamp and redesign your home decor. In the end, it really depends on you how you want to design it. If you have the time and skill, you can even use showcase some DIY work such as painting walls or creating crafty pieces for display.

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