Is Driving a Gift or a Curse, You Decide!

Driving Gift | Curse | 29th July 2022 | Virtual Wire



As you feel the breeze from the open window, listen to music, and chat with your family, you keep one hand on the wheel and one on your phone since you feel the need to use your time as efficiently as possible.

You have zero regard for the fact that you are the one who is in control of the vehicle, and that you will be the one culpable for any harm that comes to your family, because of how enthralled you are by the riveting conversation you are currently having with your friend on iMessage. Your wife reminds you to take the next exit up ahead, but with both your visual and auditory senses distracted, by the flurry of texts on your phone and the music being blasted in the background, you miss your wife's reminder. Then the second reminder goes by. Then the third one. Finally, you pass the exit and your wife begins to lash out by turning off the music with an aggressive slam and ripping the phone out of your hands. Your children witness the depravity of your argument until your daughter shouts: "Watch out!" as your Honda Civic brutally slams into a wall of cars ahead of it. Luckily, the airbag from your wheel launches at the perfect time to save your head from sustaining a concussion. However, your vision goes black for a few seconds.


Once you wake up, you turn your face to the right, in search of fresh air, only to witness your wife, resting her head on the dashboard in what seems to be her final position. Her skull is cracked open, due to the fatal force of the crash, and you can not help but shed tears as you watch blood gushing out of the wound and forming a river on her chin that drips blood onto the car floor. Your soul is utterly crushed to be the cause of her death, the same person that brought colour to your dull life by working a second job to finance your college tuition and fueling your dream to become an acclaimed author, the same person that defended you from the belligerent dogs across the street and nursed your leg back to health when you were injured, the same person who stood by your side in the worst of times and gave you the limelight in the best of times. You look for something to wipe your tears before they become more profuse than the blood on her cheeks, but all you can find is the car manual, so you first read it and deflate the airbag before wiping your eyes.

Before you get out of the car to call the police, your head turns back and you realize that you will need to call the water department because there are nowhere near enough gallons in your tear ducts for you to cope with the reality that you just murdered your two children. You try to exit the car, but, as you stand up, your legs fail you and you drop to the ground. As you curl up into a ball and initiate crying procedures, you notice, on the left, that police cars and helicopters were already arriving at, the scene. Then you turn your head to the right and notice that many people were emerging from the wall of cars, with phones and bottles of liquor in their hands. Finally, a policeman from the helicopter uses a megaphone to express his disbelief: "W-w-wha-what happened? No it's not possible." A policeman on the ground gave the chief megaphones so he could ask the policeman from the helicopter, "C'mon tell us what happened."


The policeman in the helicopter responds: "Th-th-the cars are all completely wrecked. I see a couple of survivors, but, strangely, there appears to be only one survivor from each car. The drivers." Everything begins to add up, and you realize that this entire debacle must have been some sort of divine intervention, so you shake your hands in the air and curse god for fabricating such an egregious outcome. Suddenly, dark clouds cover up the sun when — boom! — God descends upon the Earth to tell the police and survivors that "you have all brought this fate upon yourselves due to your carelessness, and you are the only ones responsible for this massacre." Suddenly, God disappears and the police officers promptly begin to arrest all of us. However, before taking us to prison they bring us to a prodigious auditorium, where they teach us about everything we need to know about texting while driving and drinking and driving.


The instructor first tackles the issue of texting while driving: "Lesson 1: to avoid adding more casualties to the list of thousands of people who suffer a fatal car crash as a result of texting while driving each year, the US Government advises drivers to put their phones somewhere that it is out of reaches, such as a glove box, the backseat, or the trunk, but if you need to use your phone then park the car before reaching for it. Secondly, we advise that parents should have their teenagers sign a contract with a set of rules, and punishments for violation of a given rule, as an incentive to not text while driving. Finally, one of our most important deterrents is encouraging passengers to speak up whenever the driver is texting while driving, because doing so can save a life." After a brief argument with the technician get off of his phone and switch to the next slides, the instructor moves onto "lesson 2: the United States strongly suggests that you should always have a non-drinking driver in the back of your mind whenever you go out to drink, and if not then simply choose to drink an alternative beverage, like a soft drink, juice or water, or call a taxi or ride-sharing service to pick you up. We hope you apply these lessons and save lives."

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