Is the Concept of a Billionaire, Unethical?

Billionaire | Unethical | 18th January 2022 | Virtual Wire


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Is the concept of a billionaire an ethical one? Can you actually cumulate that amount of wealth without taking advantage of other?

These are some questions that come to mind when we think about people such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or Elon Musk. Is the source of their wealth hundred percent their hard work and intelligent investments? This is highly unlikely. Maybe we should think about it this way; should a single person have this much power. Because, as we all know, money means power under capitalist systems. Jeff Bezos is worth more than 200 billion dollars. This is more than the GDPs of 140 countries.


For most billionaires picking up a hundred dollars that they have dropped is not is waste of time because of the fact that they are gaining way more that within seconds. Currently there are 2.755 billionaires in the world and all together have net worth of 13,1 trillion dollars. Considering that an average 4 people household’s yearly income in the United States is around 50.000 dollars, only one person having a billion dollar net worth is incomprehensible.

No one in the world should have one billion of anything. I mean, we are talking about 1.000 times million here. This amount is hard to even conceptualize to begin with. Could you imagine being able to actually have a solution and resources to end some of worlds fundamental issues? And still has a reasonable amount of fortune left? And frankly, in my opinion there is no way becoming a billionaire without taking advantage of other people. If we continue with the case of Jeff Bazos, we are able to see incredible rate of rise in his net worth, from being a billionaire to multi-billionaire, during COVID-19 pandemic.

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Especially at the start of the pandemic, while everyone was in quarantine, online shopping was becoming a necessity, thus more people started to use Amazon. This surplus of customers leads to Jeff Bezos cumulating insane amount of wealth. Now this by itself is not a case of exploitation, more people using the site means more money makes sense. Now the argument of exploitation comes with unfair conditions for the workers of Amazon. According to this allegations made by workers there were some conditions that has led to rough work environment; having limited bathroom breaks due to raise efficiency, repetitive movements that can lead to injuries.

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