Is your Body craving help? Time to listen!

Health | Body | 18th September 2021 | Virtual Wire

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Have you ever tried to listen to what your body wants to say to you? Maybe it's time. There are tones of health issues that are being registered each day. Diabetes, high and low blood pressures, cholesterol, heart attacks and the list counts more.

Earlier, these sorts of issues were diagnosed in elderly people but now, even a 10-year-old has diabetes and 22-year-old dies of a heart attack. Have you ever thought about why is this happening in this era? Well, then let’s put on some light on the terms overweight and obesity. This is a problem which we don’t pay attention to.

What Are Overweight and Obesity?

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Both the terms overweight and obesity mean the same with a slight variance in its effect on your health but to be precise enough overweight or obesity, affect your health condition. Overweight or obesity refers to a body weight that is greater than what is considered normal/ healthy for a certain height of a person. It is the result of excessive fat accumulation that impairs health.

A person is said to be overweight or obese on the basis of their BMI (Body-Mass Index) value. You can calculate your BMI value at Adult BMI Calculator. According to the World Health Organization (WHO),

· BMI value less than 18.5 is considered as Underweight.

· BMI value 18.5 to 25 is considered as Healthy Weight.

· BMI value 25 to 30 is considered as Overweight.

· BMI value above 30 is considered as Obesity Range.

Note: BMI value does not determine the fatness or the health of the person.

What causes a person to be Overweighed and Obese?