The Reality: Israel and Hamas Conflict

A large Number of People took Israel and Hamas Conflict as a Religious conflict, especially Muslim Brotherhood but it's not, it was the conflict between, Israel as a Country and Hamas an officially Terrorist organization.

The conflict started when Hamas fired 100+ Rocket towards Israel, it's obvious that Israel will retaliate, and many innocent Palestinian were killed, it's because of Humans who setup their launchpad into the Civilian area to show the world that Israel killed the Innocent, in this conflict Hummus used 4000+ rockets worth $40 million, In Gaza, there is just 1 Covid testing center because they had no money to set up but yes they have the money for launching a rocket.

The rebirth of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in May 2021 - interruption of the ceasefire on May 21 - protests and riots, control of police riots, rocket attacks against Israel by Hamas, and airstrikes targeting Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Israeli Gaza. Has been identified. To live The strip. The escalation of violence began on May 6, when Palestinians protested in East Jerusalem against a preliminary ruling by the Israeli Supreme Court over the seizure of six Palestinian families from Sheikh Jahira. Under international law, Israel is effectively part of the Palestinian territories Israel is currently in joint occupation The protest quickly turned into a violent confrontation between Jewish and Palestinian demonstrators. On May 7, Israeli police attacked the compound of the mosque, the third holy site of Islam, located at Temple Mount, the Jewish holy place. Police used tear gas, rubber bullets, and a stun grenade against Palestinian rockers.

The torture moon was celebrated by Muslims and Jerusalem at night on May 9-10, an Israeli national holiday. The Judean Jerusalem was planned by right-wing Jewish nationalists before March 2, which was later canceled. More than 300 people were injured, most of them Palestinians, resulting in international condemnation. The Supreme Court decision was later delayed for 30 days as Israeli Attorney General Auchai Mandal tried to ease the tension.

On May 10, Hamas issued an ultimatum to Israel that withdrew security forces from the Temple Mount compound and Sheikh Zarah. The same day Hamas and Palestinian Islamic jihadists began firing rockets at Israel from Gaza, targeting several homes and a school. Israel has launched airstrikes against Gaza; By May 16, approximately 950 targeted attacks were completely or partially destroyed: 18 buildings, including four high towers, 40 schools, and four hospitals, and camps of al-Qa'ida refugees were also killed. In addition, at least 19 medical facilities were damaged or destroyed by Israeli shelling. As of May 17, the UN estimated that Israel had demolished 94 buildings in Gaza, including 461 housing and commercial units.

At least 24 Palestinians were killed, including 4 children, in Gaza as a result of the violence. Palestinian racket kills 12 in Israel, including a baby On May 11, Israel Defense Forces announced that at least 15 Palestinian victims were confirmed to be members of Hamas, adding that some Palestinian civilian victims caused rocket fire in Gaza's rotation. At least 200 injured Israel; As of May 19, at least 42,000 Palestinians have been displaced; The ceasefire call was presented by Hamas on May 13, but was rejected by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; On May 18, France, Egypt and Jordan announced the introduction of a UN Security Council resolution for a ceasefire. It was enacted on May 21, 2021, ending the 11-day war, conquering both.

The conflict ended? Time will say.

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