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Once there was the King named “King Jordan”, King Jordan was a person known for his lavish lifestyle, he was the lecherous and lascivious kind of person, the one who used to spend his money to enjoy all the materialistic pleasures of life.

He would throw grand parties and would live the aristocratic lifestyle, most of the time he was under the influence of alcohol and was busy with his luxurious life, King Jordan would buy the most expensive clothes and would enjoy the most lavish lifestyle which money can buy, would spend most of his time in hunting around and was least bothered about the governance of his kingdom, not only he was a lascivious person but was also a coward, he was scared of his life. All the governance of his kingdom was mostly controlled by his chief advisors and his younger brother Lucardious to whom Jordan has given all the responsibilities, Lucardious was hardworking and honest, on the other hand, Jordan was cunning and smart, and he would give all the responsibility of governance to his younger brother but would never give him credit for his hard work but the opposite of that would delightedly take all the credit for himself. He would love to praise himself and would always accept that others should also praise him the same way, Lucardious on the other hand would follow all the instructions of his elder brother.

Though Lucardious was younger he was more hardworking and more deserving of the throne of the kingdom. Sometimes Lucardious also felt that he should be king of the kingdom rather than his brother. But he loved his brother and the same way Jordan also loved him so there was no dispute between them for the throne and never Lucardious who was younger than Jordan raised his voice against him or fought with him for the throne. It was a peaceful kingdom and everything was going efficiently, no poverty was there though the people were not that much rich, none was poor also, the taxes were not so high that it should cause a burden on people, and there was no hunger, everyone was having a job and they worked with honesty and diligence. Overall if we see that the people of the country were happy with their King Jordan and were also loyal to their king and loved him too. Under the ruling of king Jordan, there was no corruption, no crime, and the ministers and all the advisors knew their work very well and were punctual and completely dedicated to their work, though king Jordan was not contributing much to enhancing the growth of the Kingdom, he also never put any hindrance to diminish it.


He had given full control to his younger brother and has not much involved himself in controlling the administration of the kingdom, If truly one have to describe our king Jordan then he was not a bad person, but he was too diplomatic, he would praise himself but will never forget to praise his other diplomats or the other advisors and ministers in the court and in that way he manages to make everyone happy. Once King Jordan was in his court sitting on his thrown, all the court members, the visitors and the common public who came to the court to visit the king were present there. and as King Jordan was sitting on his throne, his Chief minister was telling out loud to the people of his kingdom how much food production increase they have gained from agriculture, how much wealth we have generated from the collection of taxes or from the trade with the other countries how many new schools we have made, how many new hospitals are built, what is the growth rate of commerce and what new strategies are going to be made for the future development, what new rules are going to be implemented for the benefit of people. After listening to all the ministers who were the closest and dearest to King Jordan, started praising him.

That This kingdom of ours cannot get better king than your grace under whose govern ship this Kingdom of ours is flourishing and growing in every field. With him, all the ministers who were in the court started praising him and with them so does the other group of ministers which included his chief advisor and another group of ministers including his own brother also started praising him and so does the common folk who have come to visit the king and to see the working of the court, After listening to all his praises and appreciation of work which he has not actually done as most of the decision were made by his brother and most of the administration was governed by his brother Lucardious. Jordan got up from his throne, standing in the middle of Court addressing all the common people and beckoned them to lower their voice so that he can speak, he said. and To my honourable Ministers, my chief advisors, my family members and all the citizens, who are present at this very moment in the Court. Looking at the growth and prosperity of our kingdom I would admire all the words of your appreciation that you speak of me. But I would be mean and greedy if I would take entire credit for myself as it would not have been possible without my brother Lucardious, who helped me with his guidance to govern the kingdom, or my chief advisors and all my ministers who did their work with full diligence and dedication.


Our brave soldiers who protect the boundaries of our kingdom and our prudent General who help us to make friendly relations with our neighbouring countries. It would not have been possible without the grace of God to whom we all pray, with whose blessings we are able to eat, and may the one grace us all the same. As the king or the worker all are the same, no matter how big or lower we are, at night we all sleep under the same sky and the same sun wakes us all. There are many and many kings who are born with deeds far greater than me and governance much better than me, In your eyes I am a good king but still, I have many things to learn. And I believe no king becomes great on his own, but he becomes great with the hard work and loyalty of the people of the kingdom towards him. Where there is no war, no hate there lies peace, where there is no corruption there lies prosperity and where there is justice there lies loyalty. So King Jordan last most importantly would like to praise the citizen of my country as without their hard work and honesty it would not have been possible. By listening to this speech all the ministers were happy and so does the citizen of the country as they were being appreciated for their work equally. And they hail out loud by chanting of long live King Jordan and long live his Kingdom.

King Jordan who was looking at all this, gave a sneaky smile as he very wisely by twisting his words not only took credit for the growth but on the other hand also made sure that none of his democrats or the people of his Kingdom should feel offensive, That was the nature of King Jordan he would always find out the ways in which he was able to prove himself more generous and more superior of all. In the Kingdom of King Jordan, everything was going well, all the people were living their life happily, business was going good and so does the farm production. Everything was going smoothly. But one day, one day a Devil Named Kalter who was dark in colour with the feathers like a crow, the one who was also the master of mystic powers was flying above the Kingdom of King Jordan and by looking at all the people of the kingdom who were living happily devil thought of playing his evil tricks. He went through the Kingdom and as he was flying above the fields of the Kingdom, he saw an innocent girl named Merium, Merium was an orphan girl aged only eleven years old and was working on the farm fields with all the other girls where the Devil found the girl and thought of abducting her, so with his claws he came to the field and picked the girl Merium from there and flew far away. All the fellow workers who were working with Merium in the same field got very scared and all at once they went to their King Jordan, King Jordan who was sitting on his throne in the court listened to all the pleas of the people who were present over there.


King Jordan who was sitting on the throne asked his brother and all the advisors what should be done to protect the orphan girl Merium, to which his younger brother Lucardius replied that we should send the army of twenty-two brave men and double the Archers to catch the devil and save the orphan girl Merium. As they were having this conversation all of a sudden the wicked devil appeared from nowhere in the middle of the courtroom with the black fog surrounding all around him looking at which everyone who was present over there got extremely scared. The guards tried to attack him but they were thrown away with one wave of his hand, the archer shot arrows but all were broken in the middle of the path, the Devil presented himself in front of the court to everyone, to the astonishment of all. King Jordan who was present there looking at the devil who was wearing a full dark black robe got equally scared as the others. King Jordan said to the devil courteously, hey the one who is unknown to all of us and astonished us all with your presence we are equally bewildered with the power of yours; kindly introduce us all with yourself. To which the Devil replied with a little grimace and said, I am the devil named Kalter who was flying through your city and thought to pay my regards to the King. King Jordan said Hey Kalter you are most welcome in our city, but it has come to my notice that you have abducted one citizen of our country her name is Merium who is an orphan girl of eleven, so under the law of the king and the King justice, I order you to return that orphan girl back to us and I assure you that no trial will be held against you and you will be free from all your crimes, and then you will also be free to enjoy the hospitality of our kingdom as you can stay in our Kingdom for as long as you want to stay.

The Devil replied, Dear King, I am not the citizen of your kingdom so all the rules do not apply to me and laughing out loud he said since I am the devil so none of the rules applies to me. I have not come here for the trial nor have I come here to cherish your hospitality but I Have come here for the deal, Yes your citizen orphan girl named Merium is with me and I am ready to release her but only on one condition I need, showing a crooked smile he said, a life for a life, life of yours for the life of that orphan girl, a sudden gush of whisper started spreading through whole crowd and all the court members opposed it in the harsh words and were criticizing and abusing the Devil for speaking out those words for the King, but as they were calm, the brother of the King Jordan spoke to the devil that he can take his life for the life of his brother and same words were repeated by all the other member of the court who were willingly ready to give their life for the life of their King and same was shouted out loud by the general public to take their life Instead of their king, But the devil refused all the offer given to him as he said, he needed life of only the king for life of that orphan girl and soon after saying that the devil giving a sneaky smile and his eyes which were locked onto the king Jordan which can see the fear in his eyes flied of from there in the whips of smoke, before disappearing, devil echoed out loud that you have five days to decide after five days I will come for your life for the trade of the life of that Orphan Girl. As soon as the Devil Went all the people who were present in court were equally stunned and scared, they could not believe what their eyes have seen or what their ears have heard.


King Jordan was scared himself and for a moment he was speechless and then told his brother to adjourn the court for tomorrow. On the first day, King was sitting inside his room thinking about that how he can escape from his death, how he can save himself, What if he disappear from here no one will be able to know about him, what if no one knows about this matter and all the court members do not discuss about this, it will come into notice of none and soon people will forget about it, there is nowhere written in any book of law that it is required for the king to take his life for saving the life of the other’s, nor I will be prosecuted for any crime if I did not give away my life, and none can bound me to do anything as I am the King and whatever decision a king make none is allowed to question that decision or to point finger on the King. Or If I am not able to protect the orphan girl then let me not be king anymore, for I will abdicate this life of the aristocracy and live my life in the jungle where I can live my life in peace and tranquillity and soon people will forget about me, let my brother rule the kingdom for God knows and knows my heart that he is a better ruler than me, let me give him the chance for I shall resign from all my positions and leave all my powers.

As King Jordan will not be able to face his people, he knows that no one will say any false words about him for the love they have for their king. But all will remember and they will always remember that their King let the Orphan girl die, they will not say it but I can see in their eyes, if I will be able to see, I can see in their eyes the things which they have seen and no matter how much I try I can never unsee them and neither do they. Oh lord the creator, help me what I should do to save my life or to save the life of an Orphan girl, what miseries and time have befallen on me and what great anguish I am in, only God knows and knows my heart. If I lived, I will live the life of a Coward but if I died it will be the death of valour, what glory is good for me after my death but the label of coward will do me no harm if I seclude myself from this whole world. In my tranquillity and in my peace, I will live my life. King Jordan was giving himself numerous reasons why he should not give his life to save the life of an Orphan girl Merium. I am the King, King Jordan and I do not have to Isolate myself in some Jungle, I am the King and none of the ones has right to put allegations on me or to talk about me, behind my back, or to talk about my decisions, I can do whatever I choose to do there are many cruel Kings who have lived in this world, the one who tortured their citizens, imposed harsh punishments on them but still, they were given the right to rule and none of them were opposed, neither none revolted against them and if they have the right to rule than sure do I, Oh Jordan why are you worried or troubled when you have many of reasons to justify your decision, oh Jordan what disturbs you when there are many to support your decision, and If someone pointed any finger on me I will ask him that what surety do you have that if I would abduct myself to the Devil he will return the orphan girl Merium back to us, for the devil is the devil and he will play the tricks of the devil, wickedness and covetousness are in his blood, The devil is known for his tricks and people will take me for a fool if I gave my life to save the life of an orphan girl Merium, for me the king cannot trust the words of the devil.


Smile the Jordan as you have made your decision and saved your life and God bless that poor Orphan girl the one who is trapped in the claws of the devil. And god knows and knows my heart that I will not be indicted for the abduction of the poor Orphan girl, neither I am bound to face any punishment for her death as all the blame is to be put on the devil, the one who is to be convicted and to be proved guilty in the court of the Lord. It is not in my hands to kill the devil and give justice to the poor girl but the supreme King, the King of all the Kings, will serve the King’s Justice. And with this brooding and talking with himself King spends the first day and slept. The next day everything was going in the same routine in the Kingdom of King Jordan, this news spread like fire and all the people were talking about it with each other, no one knew what will be the king’s decision and different people were having a different opinion about it, some were saying that King should summon himself to the devil to save the girl and some were saying that he should not, for if the devil succeeded in his first trick he will play his same trick again. Some cursed the devil, the one who breached the peace of the Kingdom and many prayed to the god to save their King from this difficulty.

The unstoppable tears were shedding from the eyes of many, and many faces were full of rage and cursed the devil, they loved their King no matter how King Jordan was from the Inside but the outer Image of the King was very virtuous. Many were there who were ready to give their life for the life of their King Jordan, who was there when the whole Kingdom was suffering from famine and there was nothing to eat, our king Jordan. Who opened the gates of his wealth and distributed the food to the poor, Our King Jordan. When the kingdom was spread with the flu, our King Jordan, our King Jordan was there to support us and to help us, fearlessly he himself was present there and ordered all the royal doctors to treat the poor for free, Our King Jordan the one who saved us all from the high mortgage of the lenders the one who redeemed the taxes of the poor, Our King Jordan. Blessed are we and blessed is the Kingdom to get such a King like King Jordan. During the day second the King was discussing with his brother what decision he should make, as the decision, he had already made in his mind but still he wanted to know the opinion of his brother and the opinion of his other advisors about what had a favour to say about it, to which his brother Lucardious said, Oh brother you are a brother of mine dearest of all to me, The Orphan girl (may god bless her as I have no grudge on her and I love her equally as I love all) if she dies no one will miss her much but Oh my brother Jordan if you died I will lose a brother, a mother will lose a son, a wife will lose her husband and most of all, the whole kingdom will lose their King. Oh, my lord, tell me how it is wise to give the life of the King to save the life of an orphan. As in the eyes of God, all men are equal, but God is God and the King is king.


The true King should always do what is in the favour of the kingdom and for the benefit of the Kingdom, the life of the King is far most important than the life of an Orphan Girl, King is the strongest pillar which supports the whole castle of the Kingdom, and if that pillar falls it also shaken the wall of the castle. The Kingdom will not face much loss with the death of an orphan Girl as compared to the loss of a King. By listening to him King Jordan was happy from inside that his own brother was supporting his decision. Then he went to the King’s Court and asked his councillors about their opinion. To which the councillors said that in no book it is written that a king should give his life to save the life of someone else and neither any of your advisors support it, All men are equal in the eyes of God, but God has the eyes of God and we men have the eyes of men so we look things in a different way, and we as an academic councillor believe that life of King is more valuable than the life of an Orphan Girl, not only its more valuable than the Orphan Girl but it is also more valuable than any other person in the Kingdom. This life is so important that many men in arms are ready to sacrifice their own lives to protect the life of a King. His other advisor said that people are born in this world every day and people die in this world every day if death is written in the destiny of that orphan girl then no one changes her destiny. For God is the one to judge the deeds of all and will punish them equally. For the devil, God will punish him for his deeds and none other shall suffer for his crime, neither it should be King nor any other person in his kingdom.

King Jordan, who was always smart and diplomatic had already decided what to do but still, he listened to all the advisors present in the courtroom to know what their opinion are and after that he said, listening to all the advisors who are present here, I have come to this conclusion that me being as a King is not bound to give his life to save the life of an Orphan Girl. As we cannot trust the devil with his devious tricks and traps. If we get into his first trap then he will lay the same trap again so it is best not to follow him, and the Lord of all the Lords who is looking at everything from above may give the poor girl Justice, For this matter is to be closed now and none shall discuss it anymore. To all the common folks, I hope they can understand that not all decisions are made by the love of heart but some decisions are to be made by the wisdom of the mind. And with this, he adjourned the court and again went back to his room and happily and sound he slept that night. But as the third day came, he started feeling a little depressed and restless and started worrying about the life of an orphan girl, started to question his own decision that whatever decision I have made is right or wrong. On the third day, he didn’t go to court, nor did he interact with anyone, but went to the place of worship and prayed to God, he did not ask anything from god nor complained anything to him either, but only prayed. After some time, he was sitting over there talking to none. In his silence and solidarity, away from all the life of his kingdom just sitting in silence in that place for some time where he was no king, not a slave, not anyone. In the house of God, everyone feels the same, peace and calmness and are treated the same. Because when they enter, they leave their outer image outside and come for peace in the house of God, Jordan was no king there just a simple preacher who came for peace and knowledge of the truth.


On the Fourth day Jordan talked to his brother luxurious, he told him, Oh Lucardious my brother, as an advisor you have proved your worth and your calibre in this Kingdom, your advice and management skills are the subjects of appreciation as without your help the growth would not have been possible, but Lucardious you are a very honest and simple person, to be the king you also have to be clever and diplomatic, you also have to be little cunning. By listening to these words tears started flowing from their eyes of Lucardious, he understood that his brother has made his decision, he embraced his brother and wailed out loud, urging him that he cannot do this. You cannot give your life for the sake of love you have for me, the tears also started dribbling from the eyes of both and they embraced each other dearly, Oh Lucardious my brother. Lucardious, God knows and knows my heart how much I love you, for I was always mean to you and you being my dearest youngest brother always followed my order without any intrusion. you always followed me and were always there to advise me and support me as my younger brother, Oh Lucardious, I acted a fool for I knew that you the wise was there, I acted carefree for I knew you serious one was there, I was Lazy as I knew that you the diligence one was there. And now Lucardious time has come, your time has come. Now you will rule on your own, without any hindrance without any restrictions, unstoppable tears started coming out from the eyes of Lucardious and he was wailing out loud, oh my brother you can’t leave me, what pleasures this governance and this power and the riches will give to me when you will be there in misery and pain, oh brother I will leave all. We both will leave this kingdom, and then we do not have to answer anyone.

To Lord of all the lords, I ask, I ask what sin we have committed that such misery has befallen us. Without you oh brother who will scold me for my mistakes, who will teach me the lessons of life, who will support me and who will tell me what to do, people of this Kingdom have already made you the endearing of their eyes and the King of their heart and how can I take your place, how can I be the King and enjoy all the pleasures and power of the King when you are the one who will be suffering, you have no idea oh brother that in which agony or in what lifelong grief you are going to put me By making me the king, Oh god are you listening to me, if you are the wise trader I give you an offer. Take my Crown, take away this kingdom from me or if you want to take, my life you can, but return me back the life of my brother, Oh listen to all my prayers as there is no better offer which can be presented to you. Oh Lord, then why didn’t the death fall on me first then this crown? Oh brother, for the love I bore you and for the services I have rendered, I have followed your orders all my life but this order of yours is unacceptable to me and as your younger brother I refuse to follow these orders. King Jordan wiped his tears and he wiped the tears of his brother Lucardious. And said in the solemn voice Oh lucardious I am not commanding you this as your brother, but I am commanding it to you as your King and it is your duty to follow the orders of your king which you cannot refuse. Oh, Lucardious, hard time does not come to one, but they come to all and the time of hardship demands that the hard decisions be taken. I decided to summon myself to the devil, Oh Lucardious I will accept the death of the valour than the life of a coward, as for my life of a Coward will give me no joy than the death of the valour, as a coward, I will die every day with shame but as valour, I will die once but it will be the death of glory.


When the time comes, no matter if you are a coward or a valour death kills both the same, but none remembers the death of the coward but they sing songs for the valour. After some time, Jordan left, Lucardious was there wailing and crying. On the last day, King Jordan was present in his courtroom with all his supporters and soon the devil came with an Orphan girl Merium to trade it with the life of the King and asked him what you have decided and what is your final decision. To which King Jordan replied, for god being god will play the part of god and the devil you are, being as the devil will play the part of the devil and between all this, we men are free to choose which path we have to go, Path of the devil or the path of the god. The path of the devil is broad and short without any obstacles but it leads to destruction. And the path of God, though it is long and narrow, in the end, it leads to glory. As it is told by our religious scholars and is written in all the religious books, these are not the words of my own but are the words recited from the wisest of the wisest scholars who have listened from the messenger of God himself, the words of God. And they say, there are four paths of truth, the first path is the path of knowledge which I gained in my scholarly time and became king, though the process of learning never stops, the second stage is the stage of Karma which is my duty towards the Kingdom and my work which I believe have done in the efficient way as there are many who are there to testify it on my support, according to the path of Karma me being as the king is doing my duties and my work efficiently and I am not bound to summon my life for the life of Merium, the orphan girl and none can convict me for any wrongdoing or any crime for as the devil himself has to answer for his deeds.

But under the path of dharma which is the superior most paths of all, the day when I sit on this throne, on that very day I took an oath, I took an oath to do my duties under the rule of dharma. there is nothing more superior to the path of dharma all the other three paths which are the path of Knowledge, the path of Karma and the path of Aacharna have no meaning if one does not follow the path of dharma. The prudent men and my advisors over here say that it is not the wise decision to give a life of your own for the life of an Orphan girl. But me being the King when walking through the path of dharma at that time it does not matter whether the girl is an Orphan or a high born, In the eyes of God, they all are the same and the same in the eyes of the King. It will not be a wise decision according to them to give my life to save the life of an Orphan girl, no matter whether an orphan or the high born but still she Is a citizen of my kingdom and under the path of Dharma it is the duty of mine to protect her even if for that I have to sacrifice my own life, People will lose their trust on god and in the justice of the king if the King is unable to protect his citizen’s. That is the Justice, King’s justice, under the command of the lord. To walk on the path of dharma is not easy, go and ask Arjuna who killed his own brothers for the protection of Dharma go and ask Guru Gobind who sacrificed the lives of their four beloved sons for the protection of Dharma, go and ask Nanak who teaches us all, and ask the Buddha whose path of wisdom we all follow. The god has the power of the almighty which makes him powerful and the devil has his covetousness, but we humans, we humans have our dharma, the path of truth, the path of righteousness and if we walk on that path then nothing can defeat us not the covetousness of the devil or the power of the god, go ask King Bali who was summoned by lord Vishnu.


In his Vahmin avatar lord, Vishnu came, though he was defeated by lord Vishnu he never left the path of Dharma, Lord Vishnu took away his kingdom from him, his entire land, and all his wealth but was unable to take his glory from him, the one who walks on the path of dharma is always remembered and the heroic tales of their life are sung by all till ages and ages. Neither God nor the devil can defeat the one who walks on the path of Dharma. That is what the path of Dharma is, which is superior most to all the other paths. The path of karma tells us to walk on the path of righteousness but the path of dharma tells us to walk on the path of righteousness even when the whole world opposes us. My all advisors and all the citizens have their views that me being the King should not sacrifice my life for the love, they bear me. But even if they all oppose me still it cannot evade me from the path of my dharma which I am obliged to follow. And me being King Jordan has made my decision to summon myself to the devil for the life of an Orphan Girl. And by saying that Jordan went towards the devil, all the advisors who supported him and loved him dearly were crying and so does all the citizens who were present there. Even the ones who disliked him could not save themselves from shedding tears. And as their King was going towards the devil they all came last time to touch their King Jordan. The Devil who was standing there, looking at the enormous love of the people for their King felt jealous and raged as he was not able to succeed in his tricks. And biting his lips in anger he finally took the life of King Jordan and returned back the Merium he flew from there and in this way King Jordan established the path of dharma in his Kingdom, he died at a young age but was always remembered in the hearts of the people.

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