Lal Bahadur Shastri- An unforgettable leader.

Lal Bahadur Shastri | Freedom Fighter | Unforgettable Leader | 19th August 2022 | Virtual Wire



Amidst the times when people were fighting with each other to gain power, there was a man who was fighting to make his country better.

He was born on 2nd October. No, he was not Gandhiji, he was Lal Bahadur Shastriji. Many of you may be knowing about his birth but you don’t know about the ideologies and philosophies of Shastriji that actually made India better. Sometimes I think that having studying history till 10th class I have learnt about all the wars and about how the British destroy India(though I don’t remember a single piece apart from the name of the chapters that too not all)Even we have also studied about Mughals and about the independence of different countries but we have never been taught about the philosophy, life and ideology of people who have actually brought a change in India has created a sense of belongingness among people and has developed our country. That could be the reason of students not knowing in depth about people like Shastriji.

Shastriji full name was Lal Bahadur Srivastava, no I have not written wrong! He had dropped his caste-derived surname, Srivastava as he thought casteism to be a barrier in society. Shastri was a tag that he got as he was a scholar in ethics and philosophy but it got stuck in his name. He was a man with simple living and high thinking who always wants to develop India and create unity among people. Many people having power mock him due to his simplicity but he never pays attention. Instead of bringing change to how he looked, he brought impactful changes in India. Lal bahadur Shastriji was a man who never go against his ethics and his morals. He was an epitome of morality, honesty, truth and justice In One such incident where he was in jail so his wife got a payment of Rs50 from Servants of People’s Society where Shastriji was head to which she was able to save Rs 10. When Shastriji came to know about this he immediately told his wife to give back that money as it can be useful to some other person who is in need of it. A man with a caring and loving attitude towards the people of the country without any greed intent was Shastriji.


There was a time in our country when we use to import red wheat from America and that wheat was very poor quality. In the 1960s Indo-Pak war was going on and America said if it didn’t stop the war they will stop importing wheat to India which was a basic food for every individual. Our Shastriji gave a befitting reply to this urging people to cultivate wheat in their own country. He started with his own home asking his family to skip one meal the a week. Then he asked people to do the same. It shows how he has taken first step in making India truly independent by making it self-sufficient to fulfil its basic needs. He has brought a never-ending, green revolution to our county. Adding to this point when he asked people to skip one meal in a week, people started skipping their meal on Monday and this day was known as Shastri vrat. Till now people do this vrat showing respect to Shastriji. His stories are never ending. At each part of his life he had done works which are exemplary and beyond people’s thoughts which have to be read and taken pride over.

But I want to quote one more incident from his life here which makes him above all and that was during the Indo-Pak war. As we know India worked with Gandhi'snon-violent disciples who were non-violentwere non-violent and want to resolve everything with peace. But sometimes power needs the power to fight. Lal bahadur Shastriji was a disciple of Gandhiji. But when situations become worse. He asks his defence forces to fight. He kept Gandhi in him aside and allocate 25% of the budget to defence forces. The result was great. They reached and conquered the area till Lahore and they were unstoppable. He gave the famous slogan Jai Jawan, Jai Kissan. Don’t you think these four words contain a very deep meaning signifying the major two pillars of our country without whose efforts we are nothing? The slogan today also has huge popularity.


You will be saddened to know that this man served only for two years as the second PM of India after which he died at Tashkent after signing a peace treaty with Pakistan to stop the war. How he died is still a mystery. At first, people said it was because of cardiac arrest but how can it be possible a man with no health issues can die due to cardiac arrest? post-mortem There was no post- mortem done to know the reality. When Shastriji was dead his face was covered with blue spots and when his family member asks what is it they were left unanswered and those blue spots were covered with Chandan. He use to drink milk given by his only servant but at Tashkent, some other person came to give him milk The conspiracy behind his death is now unclear. But there is a surety that his death was not due to cardiac arrest it was a preplanned murder. Who has done this is still an undiscovered truth. There were different incidents that point to this.

From various death of the witnesses at the same time to bail of several witnesses who could tell some truth by our Indian authorities, everything is unclear. But why? Because Indian power didn’t investigate it and didn’t try to find the real truth. Shastriji is indelible. His works, his ideologies and his personality make me proud over my country because India has witnessed such great people who love their country more than anyone else. We can’t be like Shastriji but it would be great if we adopt his ideologies in our life to be better people. Maybe he be the PM of our country for a longer tenure India would have witnessed much more developments and has become much more developed than it is now. Nevertheless, let's carry his wisdom forward and implement it in our lives.

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