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Laws of Infinity | 19th August 2022 | Virtual Wire



Do people ask scientists around the world or astronaut’s how big is this space? And their answer is the same, it is infinitely big. But what is this infinity and from where does this concept of infinity comes in this human mind?

For a normal human being when someone talks about infinity he simply thinks that infinity is the number which is so big that it can’t be measured. Or if you ask your physics professor or your mathematics teacher what infinity is? He will have the simple answer that it is a number which is so big that it can’t be measured. But actually what does infinity mean and how a variable which defines exponential growth of its value with the moment of time can reach infinity? At what time we will be able to say that this variable has reached infinity? Suppose let us take an example like growing of the bacteria across this world. A bacteria double its number every second with the passage of time and there is no hindrance which can slow down the growth of its number or which can stop its number in such a way that every second it doubles to its value.

At the first second, it will be 2 then 4 then 8 then 16-32-64-128-256-512-1024-2048-4096 at the ninth second and so on its value will increase with the passage of time. This is a simple number line equation and I hope you all can understand it. So but now the question is that at what time it will reach the value of infinity, if you calculate in the calculator the top calculation number will come after 24 days will be (3+E3387) which is very large for a number. But the question is still the same if in twenty-four days it can reach this number then at what time will it be able to reach the number of infinity? In 24 months, in 24 years or 24 centuries. No matter how much time we increase but still it will not be able to reach the value of infinity.


No matter how fast it multiplies itself but still it will never be able to reach the value of infinity. So suppose if the growth of the micro-organism happens in such a way that it doubles every second so at what time it will reach the value of infinity? The answer is it will take infinite time to reach that value. But what is the meaning of infinite time, the maximum time that we have is the time of this universe. So it shows that the number can never reach infinity. From here we can make it out that something which starts from zero or something which starts from any finite quantity and increases itself with the passage of time to some proportion, can never reach the number infinity. So from there, we get our first law of infinity. It means that the quantities which are infinite have no starting or no ending point.

  • Infinity is the quantity which has no starting or ending point, it is something which starts from infinity and ends towards infinity.

Now let us suppose there are two processes which are happening around us the growth of bacteria in this universe and the increase in the number of apples in this world. Let us suppose both these processes start at the same time where bacteria doubles itself every second and the apple doubles itself every day. After twenty days the number for bacteria will come out to be (3+E3387) whereas the number of apples which we will get after 24 days is number 8388608 if we compare both the number’s they have a lot of difference between each other but the question is how much time both of the numbers’s will take to reach the quantity infinity. But before that, it is clearly understood that the microorganism will reach infinity in a much shorter time than the apple. The time taken by the microorganism is infinity so the time taken by the apple to reach the infinity is( infinity + t ) where t is the extra time it will take but ( infinity + x ) is also infinity so the time will be same in both the cases. But how this is possible so from this thought process it can be concluded no matter how fast or how slow the quantity grows the time taken by it will be the same to reach the number infinity which is infinite time. So from there, we can postulate our second law of Infinity, which states that.


  • No matter how big or the small number or the quantity is but if we compare it with the number infinity both the quantities value will be the same. When we compare something with infinity the number itself has no value it only lies in the value of zero or one where zero means that there is nothing and one means that there is something.

Now let us take an example of our space let us suppose that there is a space which has infinite boundaries such that it is a cuboid which has infinite sides now let us suppose the two processes are happening in this infinite space and it leads to the creation of the two universes which are separated from each other with some finite distance now the question is that how much distance they are separated from each other or how much time it will take for the both world’s to meet with each other if they both are moving towards each other? The answer is they will never be able to meet each other. The reason for that is when two bodies or two matters occur in infinite space then they are separated from each other by the Morlean Infinities which are called the infinities inside the infinities. So from this information, we can postulate our third law of Infinity which is.

  • If two bodies or two structure of any kind occurs in the infinite space then they will never be able to meet each other because they are separated from each other by the infinite space which is also called infinity within infinity.

Generally, the series of infinite number lines is postulated in the way which is shown below.

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8----------∞ which is variable (x+1)

2-4-8-16-32-64-128-----∞ which is variable (2x)


In this way, all these equations give us the number line of infinity but all these number lines are wrong when they are put with the reference of time. Let us take time one second for the next interval to happen and in such a way we have the time of this universe and we try to calculate how much time it will be able to reach, infinity and the answer is never. For that we need infinite time which is in itself not possible. So the right number line which defines the infinity is.

∞ II----(x+1) II----(x2) II----(x*x) II----(x*Y) II----(2x*3y) II----(4x+y) II----(x+y+z) II----(4x+8yz) II----(3x*4z) II----(x*y*z) ∞

This is the number line which defines the infinity chart where the number line starts from infinity and ends towards infinity defining that all these equations are taking place in infinite space-time. And the two lines in the centre define the starting of an event in this infinite space-time and the equation defines the rate of growth of an event with the variable x with the passage of time. And all these equations which define the growth of an event are separated from each other with other infinities which are called Morlean infinite.

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