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Leaders | 17th January 2022 | Virtual Wire


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Leader, a word that is not new to us. We can hear this in any aspect of our society, whether corporate, business, education, government, or organizations. Others first thought of this as responsibility and denied their ability to lead.

However, we are leaders in the real world. It doesn’t have to take a big group of people to identify as one. Our capability to lead our own life is enough to testify what kind of leader we are. With this, what kind of leader do you aspire to be?

Being a good leader lies within the process. Self-awareness is something that can help us to move along the way. “Did I serve well today? Were my actions appropriate to the situation? What did I learn by leading now?” These were the thoughts worth pondering when we rest and evaluate the day that passed. Self-awareness is a proven method that can accelerate growth as we learn to identify what are the results, reactions, and wisdom we gain from the everyday.

Moreover, self-reflection when added to awareness completes the equation of being the leader we aspire to be. It differs from the first one as it entails the ways of growing and thinking in order to improve. These two actions can assure great outcomes as we pause and look back to evaluate the leader we are.

The secret to great leaders lies not with their team members but with the individuals they are. What kind of leader we aspire to

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depend on how we become aware and reflect on ourselves. As the famous quote goes, we cannot give what we don’t have. The leader we look up to are the mirror of ourselves in every step of the process so go ahead and be aware then reflect on what leader you want to be.

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