Lessons to teach your children before they reach 16!

Children | Age 16 | 08th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

Children whence born until they reach puberty is a delight to every eye. Their cupid talk and bunny walk fills one's heart with joy and warmth. Whereas childhood is a box of pleasure, it is also a time of great learning. Here is a list of things that every child while growing up should be taught.

Money doesn't grow on trees

This is an expression that a person hears every once in a while. A life of majesty and fulfilment is what everyone wants. No parent would want their children to grow up in poverty, but a lesson for life should be that money doesn't grow on trees. One has to understand that even though they may be living a life of opulence, their children might not just be lucky enough.

The lesson that money is something that is important for survival is a tactical one that needs inception early on. One of the best ways to do this is to limit access to money while growing up and making your children earn their daily or weekly allowance by doing home chores. This way two important lessons learnt will be that all work is the same and money is earned, not inherited.

Relationships matter

Man is a social animal. We live and grow in a society surrounded by men and women. A man is dependent on a number of people for his survival. It is necessary that one maintains a healthy relationship with his neighbours and relatives.

The reason being that with life’s ups and downs you never know whose help might save the day for you. It is, therefore, necessary for one to teach his children about the importance of relationships.


There are always morals and ethics that one has to impart to the generations ahead. One of the most gallant ways to do so is ‘Religion’. Parents should be wise enough to bestow their children with the garnishing of tumultuous beads of wisdom from whatever religion they follow.

It is important that children are imparted basic knowledge of religion because when they reach 18, it is then when they will have ample time to ponder and think on what comes and goes. Children should also be taught to respect the beliefs of other religions. It is highly essential that children are taught the basics of ‘give respect’ and ‘take respect’.

Death is imminent

No matter who the person is, what personality he has and what great deeds he has sufficed, it is always a universal truth that ‘each soul shall taste the glass of death’. Losing a grandparent or someone near is an experience that should be treated as a bed of knowledge.

It should be taught that death has a role to play in all lives. Making it clear early on will broaden the spectrum of minds of the children and will make them more open and less fearing.


Equality of sexes and equality of all is a bigger topic. Children while growing up should be made to understand that there is essentially no astral difference between ‘Men’ and ‘Women’. Other than equality of sexes, a bigger quantum lies inequality of all.