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Down | 30th October 2021 | Virtual Wire


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As much as we try to hide them, they come out, showing themselves. Because insecurities are loud. They are part of us.

It may be parts of our bodies, our personalities, or a part of our past that we are trying to move on from. You hide your smile because it's not charming, you threw away that dress because it enhanced your curves, you didn’t eat that last slice of pizza because you thought people would make fun of your weight and you let the one you love go because you are terrified that they might find someone better than you.

You are strong. You are beautiful. Not because you got through all those awful looks and comments but you learned to live with yourself. I’m sorry if someone made you feel otherwise. I know that it’s hard to live with the hair colour you hate, the skin colour that makes you feel like you don’t belong here or the body that you have to make sure is covered. It has always been hard for you to fit in. I am sorry if you ever wished you had her/his looks or body. I’m sorry if you ever felt like running away from yourself.

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Your flaws are what make you human. The mistakes you regret are what make you human. It's okay to not fit in. it’s okay you don’t fulfil those stereotyped standards. Even the most beautiful faces hide horrifying secrets. I know you cannot accept your flaws in a day or a week. I know you cannot fall in love with your smile or body now or even next month. But hey darling, stop looking at yourself with hatred and angst.

People always ask you to love yourself and be content with what you have. They don’t understand that it is not that easy. They point out a few good things and ask you to fall in love with yourself. It is not that easy to feel good about yourself. They don’t know the screams and scars. But they mean well. Promise yourself that you’ll stop with this self-loathing. Promise yourself you will stop wishing you were someone else. Your worth isn’t measured by your looks or your fears. Honey, you are enough.

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