Lies the world is selling you to make you feel good!

Lies | Feeling | 11th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

We live in a constantly changing world. We are a part of a fast-paced environment in which all the dots are connected by a thin string of trust.

The world has led us to believe that everything surrounding us is hep and is made exclusively for us. We are the conquerors and modifiers, yet less than 0.001% of us are able to achieve the magnificence we have ever imagined of ourselves to be in. Here is a list of lies you should never fall for, even though the world is constantly bombarding you.

The degree doesn’t matter, Knowledge does

We are the generation which was bought up under the nose of ‘Good Will Hunting’. The movie made a point that knowledge is power and that degrees don’t hold any value. This is one of the biggest lies portrayed on the big screen.

Whereas our billionaires make a good point that almost all of them are college dropouts and almost none of them have actual degrees but again statistically speaking less than 1% of the world population make it into the list of millionaires.

To get a job and fulfil your basic needs one has to have a degree. This is an absolute and blatant truth that has been overshadowed by the lie that talent and knowledge are more important.

Organic revolution

There has been a recent furore over what we eat and what we put into our bodies. The world has been echoed into a slumber of ‘Organic revolution’ with absolutely no ground basis. The world is constantly bombarding us with a string of noise related to the word ‘Organic’.

Whether it is food or any beauty product we use, we are being shelled by a barrage of ads and campaigns. The organic revolution is but another money minting machine that is trying to make a point by up-stating one product against another. Next time one hears the word organic; do make sure it is not an ad to just bust you of your bucks.

Social Media

More than half the population of the world, which is 50.64% of the world’s population, uses some sort of social media. The world has a bleak balance that is being controlled by what’s trending online. Social media likes and upvotes have been designed to get the adrenaline rushing.

A mere comment on one’s social media post makes him/her feel special. What changed in the last few years is that man has become more conscious of his image online than what he is in real life.

A constant urge to make the people like them and a constant feeling of self-embellishment has made a man slave to his online virtues. Social media likes and comments have never earned success; try to get over this fact sooner than possible.

Pop culture

Probably the biggest of lies that has our minds enslaved is the pop culture and the pop stars who have made for themselves a ‘pseudo-godlike’ image. The movie stars, singers, and anything mainstream is a turnbuckle against which our heads have been incarcerated.

We see our heroes and idols in the unworthy whose struggle has been but what comes naturally. We have people devoid of any human value, who we have created to be our idols. We follow their beauty regimen, diet and fashion styles in the name of culture. The sooner we realize that this modern jigsaw is a maze with no endpoint, the better it will be for us.

My country is the best

The biggest lie that we have been inbred on is that one’s country is the best. There is no such thing as ‘best’ when it comes to patriotism. There is always room for the better. The world is leading you to believe that your country holds you back and that it is but the best in the world.

This feeling is there only to cause wars. The reason for all the major wars in the world was ‘Country-argument’. The sooner we begin to appreciate the value and regimen of other nations, the faster we will be appreciating human values.

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