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Have you struggled with the confidence to get over your fear? If so, I was in the same place as you.

When I was thirteen years old, I had minimal self-esteem. I didn't particularly like being judged and made fun of, and I would worry about everything. I was on a gymnastics team that would force me to get out of my shell and give me an experience that I am incredibly grateful for. It was a competitive gymnastics team that travelled. You would think getting an opportunity to travel would be filled with more excitement than fear, but this experience was the complete opposite for me. That means every place I went to, I had to put myself out there, and I was always terrified. I later learned that beating your fear is essential because it will allow you to experience things you have been afraid of. Overcoming your fears can help you become confident.

When I would compete, many eyes would be on me. However, others would be performing at different events. I would always have to block them out and pretend they were not even there. Trust me that is easier said than done. Throughout every competition, I knew I had to stay focused even though I would be nervous. But on a specific day, the nervousness and fear of judgment went away. How did determination help me with anything? Gaining confidence was something I greatly needed. It was getting exhausting, worrying about what other people thought of me. I knew that people’s thoughts of me would not determine my future. I loved performing, and that is what mattered. I try to carry this belief with me everywhere I go.

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Competing has taught me to get through the difficulties and to stay strong inside. If something negative happens to me during the day, I remember to hang in there and not let the negative situation get me down. When a horrible event arises, it can have an impact on a person. It is essential to have the strength and confidence to believe that you can make it through. I have been out of gymnastics for the past two years. I now realize how much of an impact it had on me.

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There is no specific definition of being confident; it can be applied to everyone differently. Competing for that part of my life, I was able to find my self-esteem. Overcoming fear can be draining, but you can always draw on past experiences to help you handle the fear with confidence. Knowing you have made it through in the past means you can have the confidence to make it for yourself now. Many of us have different ways of finding confidence, I get it through my faith, and I know you can find yours.

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