Life is Nothing Without Problems!

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In the world, people complain about having lots of problems or not having a decent life. We all have at certain points done the same. But have you ever think what will happen if there is no problems in our life?

Let's dig deeper and understand this. First from a basic example suppose you are solving a big and tough problem in physics, accounting or any subject. You are stuck in it. You are just finding ways to solve it. And kudos! Through a hell amount of work, you have solved the problem. Have you felt happy? Obviously yes! This is what problems give us. A sense of happiness which we will not get by living a vague life. This is just a small example. Whenever we got stuck in something, many times we try to avoid it or try to replace it with short time pleasure which will give us nothing more than a minute of preventing joy or satisfaction. But instead of avoiding the problem if we try to find a way to reduce it or solve it don’t you think it will give you absolute satisfaction and a sense of pride and motivation to keep moving forward?


Problems are what makes life interesting. We as humans only have the power to make decisions so why can’t we exercise it? Solving problems will help you to exercise this power. These problems can be of your own or of society but it should be such which will give a sense of happiness to the person after seeing it getting solved. And it is a proven fact that solving problems will develop a person, make him a better person and bring good into his/her life. Take the example of startups which are becoming unicorns at an early stage. It happens because they have identified problems in society and have tried to solve them through their startups. Some famous startups could be ola, Byjus, Zerodha, swiggy and many more. The list is infinite and so are the problems.


I as a student till class 12 have a habit of neglecting problems. Whenever I got stuck in somewhere instead of facing it I become anxious and try to avoid it, the result is I am never able to develop. Failure will become success only if you come back stronger and with more hard work and belief. So neglecting your problems will degrade your personality. But now my attitude towards problems has changed. I still become anxious but I go ahead and try to find a way through it. Remember one thing I have read somewhere the more your problems are, the stronger you become after solving them. Happiness comes from solving problems. And in this world of rat race and pressures, each human being has a problem and a person who doesn’t have a problem has a problem of not having a problem. So instead of thinking that you are the only one who has problems, try to accept them, find a way through it and have a sense of happiness and excitement in your life.


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