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Life | Mars | Scientist | 09th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

Dies at 97 years old Gilbert Levin, Scientist who researched the possibility of life on Mars.

Baltimore-born American engineer, the founder of Spherix Incorporated, died July 26 in hospital in Bethesda According to information from his son Henry Levin the cause of his father's death was aortic dissection.

In 1976, Levi performed a series of experiments that we're able to detect signs of respiration of possible Martian microorganisms.

NASA sent two probes called "Viking" to the planet Mars, while on the red planet they would collect a small sample of Martian soil and then mix them with a drop of already diluted nutrients that contained radioactive carbon isotopes.

If there were any forms of life at all, they would metabolize the food and release the carbon

dioxide that would be detected by the radioactive material sensors.

These signals arrived, on June 30, 1976, Kevin and his team received the signals that in all were four. The researchers did a test by increasing the temperature of the sample and testing again because in this case, the signals would eventually disappear due to the heat killing the life of these supposed organisms.

Unfortunately, another NASA test ended up failing soon after and it was confirmed as a false positive. Levin believed it to be a false positive for over twenty years.

However, after this time passed Levin came to the conclusion that there were no errors in his research but the scientific community was already totally in disbelief of his results. This scientific experiment was called Gulliver.

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