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Life | Description | 21st September 2022 | Virtual Wire



What life means, different people have different opinions and they treat their life the way they work.

I mean to say that the profession people are engaged with they’ll describe their life in that way. For example, an athlete or a sportsperson will describe life as a race, where you need to run till the last breath; whereas a businessman will describe it in the way of profit and losses. If you ask a student he’ll describe life in terms of classwork (conscious mind) and homework (subconscious mind). I have read many books and made many types of research, and concluded that our subconscious mind has immense power to rule this materialistic and so-called logical world. It has vast knowledge and a futuristic sense. One who can control his subconscious mind is going to rule over the world. Successful people are successful just not because of their hard work, but because of their intellect to deal with obstacles. They know when and how to react, they know how to deal, they know when to remain silent and when to speak, they know how to make the best of their time and at last, they know how to be successful.

Purpose of life


The purpose of life is just not living the given life, going through the sufferings, happiness, or else. The purpose of life is that every man born in this world is unique with unlimited energy and power. You are granted this life because you are capable of holding its responsibilities. The number of people who die every day is in the thousands but only a handful are remembered. There are millions of people but only a handful are billionaires. Why? It is because they had found their potential and are using their attitude in the right direction to overcome the problems. They are successful in defining the purpose of their life and so need to. Try to find out why you are born. It is not necessary that one must be a billionaire, but it is just that one must be satisfied with the job he/she is doing. He/she must be satisfied and happy with the type of life he is living.

Inner satisfaction is worth more than money. There is no one born in this world who can bind your thoughts except you yourself. Try to unbound yourself from the boundaries may they be social or inner. Try to be what you actually are. You will surely find your main purpose. Some are born genius, You are a genius to be identified. You have immense power, beauty, and intellect that no one can judge you or stop you. In concluding my statements let me tell you, never die having a wish in your mind, finish it before death. The day you die must be remembered throughout the world. You are capable enough to make yourself visible in this virtual world. Bring reality in front of those virtual dreamers.

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