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LinkedIn can prove to be a great professional platform, wherein you can find jobs, connect with people and build your personal brand.

However, you should follow some general rules as to how to go about on this professional platform.

Choose a professional profile picture


Firstly, remember to put up a solo, updated picture f yours on the profile. The picture should never be a selfie-and must be taken as a headshot, capturing the face clearly. Besides this, pick an attire that you would wear to your workplace. Formal wear works best for such purposes. Try to look approachable by choosing a warm and friendly expression. You must ensure to eliminate any sort of distracting backgrounds, that will pose a hindrance to the profile picture. Try to keep it simple and neutral as far as possible. In addition to this, never take group pictures, wherein you will be unrecognizable. Also, travel pictures, candids with your pet, random clicks, and pictures of you hanging around in informal places are a big no-no! Such pictures do not reflect professionalism and must be avoided at all costs. Lastly, click a high-resolution image and never put any filters on the picture, which will detach your true identity.

Engage and Communicate


Never shy away from putting forward your own thoughts. Express your viewpoints in a lucid, understandable and simple manner for the audience to comprehend. You can include engaging topics that everyone can participate in. Ask for the audiences’ opinions/views on a particular topic.

Remember to remain professional on the platform


LinkedIn is not like other social media websites (Instagram/Facebook/Whatsapp) wherein you can share your personal life openly. Ensure that you maintain professionalism at all times and your content is free from any personal information/updates.

Connect with recruiters


One of the main reasons why we all are on LinkedIn is to look for the best opportunities for our career paths. Thus, always keep yourself connected with the HRs, talent acquisition teams and recruiters so that whenever they are announcing a new job role or are open to hiring, you can get in touch with them instantly.

Always send personalized invitation requests

Invitation requests are more likely to be accepted when they carry a personal note along with them. Always draft a personal yet unique message for the person you would like to connect with and explain the reasons why you want to get in touch with him/her.


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