Lions at Sri Lankan Zoo undergo PCR Tests: One Lion Contracted Covid - 19!

Sri Lanka | Lion | 19th June 2021 | Virtual Wire

An 11 years old lion in Dehiwala zoo, Sri Lanka confirmed has been positive with Covid - 19, the department of Zoological Gardens confirmed. Therefore the ministry of wildlife says plans are afoot to test other animals for the virus as well.

The lion showed the symptoms like eating disorders, breathing issues were subject to a Rapid Antigen Test, where the result was negative.

However, the PCR test confirmed that the lion has infected Covid - 19 and the lion was instructed to kept in a separate place. The lion named ‘Thor’ has bought to Sri Lanka from Seoul Grand Park Zoo in 2011.

The state minister of wildlife protection Wimalaweera Dissanayake said they had already sought advice from India on treatments of animals. India has a deal with 14 Covid - 19 positive cases on animals and it would be best to follow their advice, minister Dissanayake said.

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