Literature in Schools doesn't have to be Boring!

School | Literature | 16th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

Literature is a very interesting subject. It has been taught in schools is not only an innovative idea. It can have a very productive outcome if is taught in a way that is enjoyed by students of different levels.

I advise that all schools should take the subject Literature as seriously as the subject English Language is treated. If that has been settled, I don’t see the need why schools who have chosen to teach Literature end up teaching books of the past.

As at the time these novels, short stories and poems and other literary works were written, they were relevant, but now, it is hard to relate to them. THEY HAVE BECOME BORING!!!

I respect William Shakespeare. But really???

Like me, the question on these student’s minds who are made to go through literary pieces they can barely relate to is; what is the point of it all? There are several well-read contemporary authors, who have written very educative pieces in recent years. Why are their works not been taught?

It seems as if we are stuck with the past when it comes to Literature education. You might want to argue that there’s a lot of knowledge to gain from these past works, I don’t agree less. At the same time, if we look closely, we’ll see that ‘the knowledge we seek in the past can be found in the present’ in literary terms.

Let the subject-Literature be enjoyed by young minds. Let’s not torture them with tales and the use of English that they can’t relate to. Let’s not give them the impression that it is how the literary world is.

I have been thrilled to read the beautiful stories of doctors, and my mind is blown at how good their works are. Nobody said Literature should be only for those going into creative arts/writing. It can be for everybody if only we present the subject as one that is fun.

Reading is fun. A lot of Literature requires that. Therefore, Literature can be pursued by people of different backgrounds beyond the walls of many schools if these people are introduced to the beautiful, current and relevant literary books of their time.

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