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February 16th of 1918, is named ‘State Restoration Day’. On this day twenty members of the Council of Lithuania signed ‘the Act of Independence. It declares that Lithuania is a democratic state with Vilnius as its capital.

The document states that Lithuania was severing statehood ties with all other nations. It meant primarily Russia, which ruled the land from the late 18th century, and Germany, under whose administration the country fell during World War I.

On March 11th, another Independence Day is celebrated. It is ‘Restoration of Independence Day. In 1990, the Supreme Council of the Lithuanian SSR, declared the country independence from the Soviet Union, by organising free elections.

However, only in 1991 Soviet Union finally recognized Lithuania’s independence. This movement was encouraged by one of the historical movements ‘Baltic way’ on the 23rd of August 1986.

As the USSR stated that Baltic countries had voluntarily joined their regime, the three countries gathered up making the longest human chain from Tallinn through Riga to Vilnius. It showered people’s wish to be free.

July 6th is the Statehood day in Lithuania which is celebrated as the coronation day of the first and only King Mindaugas. After the King accepted Christianity in 1251, a papal bull was written by Pope Innocent IV in Milan, proclaiming Lithuania as the Catholic Kingdom of Lithuania.

King Mindaugas was born in 1200 and died in 1263. Being the first Christian King of Lithuania he was crowned in 1253 and the day is officially celebrated from 1990 and res-established independence from the USSR.

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