Lithuanians offer 4 simple ways to cool down during heat waves!

Lithuanian | 30th June 2021 | Virtual Wire

As for now in Lithuania, there are powerful heat waves surrounding the country. It is unusual knowing a country is located on the Northern side of Europe. So, to fight the heat, there are few offers of how to go through it.

Consume colder drinks - it makes body temperature fall few degrees down

Try to be in cooling places

As the body breathes through the skin - it is easier for it to go through the heat waves in cold and well-ventilated places. Also, it is the best way to prevent dehydration.

Cool whole body a few times a day

Cooling the body not only helps with the metabolism but also helps the body relax. If unable to cool the whole body in lakes or showers, could cool certain parts of the body which have the biggest want closest to the skin's surface: around the wrist, neck, chest and temple.

Best to wear cooling, air-permeable clothes - Lithuania is famous for linen fabric; it helps the body to breathe and cools it down. The woven fabric helps as well.

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