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On 26th May 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Liverpool swallowed a difficult pill. They just lost the Champions League final.

One of the most historic and prestigious tournaments in any sport, the winners of the tournament are deemed as the best football club in all of Europe. The night ended 3-1 to Real Madrid who made history yet again by winning the Champions Leaguesingers 3 times in a row which was never done before. Liverpool players had a harsh experience and learned much as they ended up going to the Champions League final next season and brought the trophy back after defeating English rivals Tottenham Hotspurs. Yet what the club and fans took away from the night is the song “One Kiss’ by Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris. The song was played in the closing ceremony by the singers minutes before kick-off. At the time it was among the top hits in U.K and for some reason, the song stuck with Liverpool fans on the night of the defeat. And it grew a lot.

Over time Liverpool fans would be singing it after matches and trophy win. So would the players sing the song with the fans after major wins such as the FA Cup finals? A short clip of Liverpool’s two starting wingbacks Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold also went viral where they are in a car and Robertson would be singing the song. Even 4 years later the song doesn’t have any hints of disappearing from the Liverpool fanbase. It’s only grown to be synonymous with Liverpool F.C as it is with Dua Lipa. It’s now one of the most iconic Liverpool chants along with the legendary “You’ll never walk alone”. It helped that at the time the song was still new and had time to be popular as it was released about a month before the Final. The excitement behind the song itself was not and English fans were seen singing it along with Dua Lipa in the closing ceremony.


Dua Lipa said that the love and support she received made her extremely happy. She mentions how she is a supporter of Liverpool now as they have taken her to be a part of the Liverpool family. Although she has ties with another English club which is Arsenal. As both her father and brother are its supporters, so she isn’t just a Liverpool supporter. In an interview, she called herself an “honorary Liverpool supporter”. A few months back Liverpool held a victory parade to celebrate winning two trophies the League Cup and FA Cup and Calvin Harris were invited to be their DJ on the bus. As the Liverpool bus went around the hometown celebrating with local fans. Calvin Harris given the occasion couldn’t help but play “One Kiss” among many others. On that night of 26th May 2018, a lifelong connection was made between One Kiss and Liverpool F.C and the legacy of “One kiss” will be kept intact for a long long time through the chants of Liverpool and their fans.

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