Love of Lord Muruga and Valli

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Valli was the daughter of the Tamil tribal community Kuravar’s chief and leader Nambi.

Nambi had seven sons but he and his wife, always longed for a daughter. They underwent deep prayers and one-day Nambirajan found a beautiful baby girl in the pits of Valli creeper. He adopted the baby girl and named her Valli. Valli grew up in the hills which is the place of the Kuruvars. Men are known as Kuravar and women are known as Kurathis, a tribal term to address the group. Their chief occupation is Hunting and their deity is the God of Hunting, Lord Muruga.

Their dressing and language stood unique among others, which involves the dress of animals and equipped with weapons always ready to hunt. Valli was in charge of the millets fields where she and her friends were guarding the farm against other insects, birds, and animals. Chatting with each other was their timepass. Chitchatting about their loved ones to whom they were expecting to get married one day. But Valli did not involve herself in loving a common man as her heart was filled with the love for her one and only Lord Muruga. She vowed to herself that she would marry Lord Muruga and not any other men even in her worst dreams.


Sage Naradha came to know about this vow of Valli. He immediately rushed to Muruga and informed him about her vow along with her beauty. Lord Muruga, instantly paid a visit to Valli in disguise. As Valli was unaware of the originality of the disguised bachelor, she warned him and chased him away saying that her love was only for Lord Muruga. Then he approached help from his brother Lord Ganesha and he accepted to help. Muruga then appeared in the form of an old man and Ganesha on the other side as the elephant. Valli in fear grasped the arms of the old man. He said he would save her only if she promised to marry him. Valli to save her life accepted the deal and the elephant went away. Valli, when she looked at the face of the old man, the old man revealed his original face.

The glow of her lover’s face made her face smile a mile. Valli was extremely joyous in marrying her lifelong love. Nambi and the tribe worshipped Lord Muruga and arranged a great feast after marriage. The newly wedded couple moved to Thiruthani. Valli was the second wife of Lord Muruga, yet she was his favorite and that’s why known as “Valli Devanai” not as “Devanai Valli”.

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