Love Story of a Monk.

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There was a brothel house in which lived a lady named Silisia. People in this world do not see a brothel as a good place and the people who work over there are considered the lowest of all and are often seen with the feeling of hate and disgrace.

The same was the condition of that lady who used to live in that brothel not having much respect and was seen by many in a heinous way. some saw her with lust in their eyes many came to her for the love of her body but no one was there to love her soul, so many around her but she was still alone. No reason to smile, no moment of joy, her life was moving in the circle, the circle full of agony and pain. Like a bird in a cage, she was trapped. But she had one reason to live, her seven years old daughter, the love of her life whenever she would see her adorable little face it would make her happy. Her pride, to whom she loved the most. Her daughter who goes to school, wanted her to be a doctor when she grows up. All her misery, all her pain is just wiped away when she sees her smile. For her, a centre she was the joy of her life, her only reason to live. Silisia and her daughter used to live together. In the outskirts of the city. But in the center of the city of Agtaar there lived a religious scholar or religious monk named Vikranta, wise and knowledgeable, he had many followers and was very famous among all the people living in the city. Some admired him and some worshipped him, his mind was clear like an ocean and had answers to all the questions of this world, he was calm and always amiable to others, a true devotee.

The feeling of hatred, anger, greed, and jealousy were all eradicated from his mind making Vikranta the one who dedicated himself to the path of truth. He would always greet others in a loving and courteous way and was considered as the most honorable person in the whole city of Agtaar. Even many he religious scholars would come to him for his guidance and learn from him. Vikranta lived under the large sacred building, the holy place of Agtaar. and daily many of his preachers would come to visit him listening to his teachings which would


spiritually enlighten them all. But there was some other group also which was not much fond of religious scholar Vikranta as they were all jealous of his popularity. They were jealous of him and used to hate him because of his popularity and due to which they would always try to demise him in every way possible, most of the time they would speak some bad words about him or sometimes used to spread false rumour but it never affected the image of Vikranta. But instead, it made him more popular and more famous. And one day they all decided to ruin the image of Vikranta, so they all joined together to set the trap for him. They went to the brothel to meet the same girl named Silisia and told her about their plan and how she has to allure religious scholar Vikranta with her beauty and charm him into feeling the a and love. So much that he becomes blind in the love of yours and his entire image will be ruined if he will be seen with you. For that Silisia was offered huge sum of money, and seeing such a huge sum of money she agreed to the offer all at once.

She went to the holy place where Vikranta was preaching to his followers, a large stage on which he was sitting in the middle and giving his speech. Silisia went to that place, the first time in his life he has ever visited a religious place like this, for her, her brothel was only her home where she lived and never had experienced any other life outside of the brothel but when she went to that holy place the world around her was completely different, no one knew her true identity, everyone was talking to her with respect and love, she was being greeted modestly with the eyes of love, not with the eyes of lust. For a moment she almost forgot her past. And from the huge crowd, she saw Scholar Vikranta with whom she had to indulge herself in the act of love and allure him with her amorous looks. So after the preaching was over Silisia went to Vikranta so that she can allure him with her looks and charm. They both talked for a moment about many topics of discussion, the way Vikranta talked to Silisia was very polite and respectful. No one has ever talked to her the same way before. And as the days passed their friendship grew much stronger, Vikranta came close to Silisia and Silisia also came close to him. But Vikranta never saw her with wrong intentions; he always respected her and that is what Silisia liked about him.


No one in her life has treated her the way she was treated by Vikranta. Everyone in the city sees Vikranta with the eyes of respect Silisia desired that the people should also treat her with the same respect and love the way they treat Vikranta. She desired to marry Vikranta as she loved her and believed that people would treat her with the same respect the way they treat Vikranta the religious scholar if she will be his wife. Vikranta was like a light, the light of enlightenment, every preacher would come to him listen to his words, believe in him, believing that it will eradicate the darkness within them, the same thought came into the mind of Silisia she thought that if Silisia will be accepted by him it will remove the darkness from his life, people will also accept her the same way and give her the same respect which she deserved. When she was living with Vikranta, It was the best day of her life, as for a moment she almost forgot about her past, that who she was and started liking her new life for her it was a dream, a dream she never wanted to wake from. Vikranta and Silisia have come very close to each other now. most of their Idle time they both used to spend with each other Silisia liked his company and opposite to it Vikranta was also equally fond of her and with this their bond was getting much stronger day by day.

One day the group of people who laid the conspiracy against Vikranta came to Silisia and asked her to seduce Vikranta and try to get physical with him so that it can destroy the image of Vikranta. Silisia reluctantly agreed to it as she had no other option. Now whenever she would meet Vikranta she would try to touch him try to allure him but Vikranta would always ignore it and would never try to take any advantage of Silisia. Silisia who got no success in all her efforts requested Vikranta to make her a promise to visit her home as she knew that when the people will see him in the brothel house it will lead to his defame. To which Vikranta agreed without any hesitation he promised Silisia that I will come to visit you in your home someday. And it brought equal joy to the face of Silisia. But before Vikranta could go and visit home of Silisia someone identified her from the crowd and disclosed her true identity and the word spread to all his followers like a wildfire. The next day when Silisia came to the holy place to meet Vikranta every one already knew her true identity; all his preachers and followers who were present over there humiliated her and asked her to leave from there as her presence will make the place corrupt and impure.


Listening to which Silisia was dejected and wretched, all those words, all the disgrace pierced through her heart like an arrow unleashed from the bow. She realized her true place; she realized that a whore living in the brothel has prewritten her destiny, a destiny which can’t be changed. No matter how many dreams she sees of a castle, of a prince marrying her to take her away but all those dreams will always be dreams as her home is a brothel and it will always be the same. For a moment she can forget her past but this world will always remember and never let her forget It. Completely heartbroken and dejected she went away from there with tears in her eyes and broken dreams in her heart. For a moment she thought she would ask Vikranta to accept her, but with what words she can ask, it would be like asking someone to take a fall from a mountain, to burn oneself in the the fire. No one in this world would marry a whore and even if he desires it, this world will never let it e done. I know Vikranta, the one noble of all, I can’t be of yours, but your memories will always be there in my heart and with these beautiful memories I will live rest of my life. By saying all these words in her mind she went away from that place to her old home, her brothel.

The same news of Silisia true identity was also told to religious scholar Vikranta and he was dejected and shocked after knowing the real identity of Silisia and they also told Vikranta her real purpose of coming over here which was to defame the Image of Vikranta by luring him into the trap of love. He never believed that Silisia could do this to him. But the nature of Vikranta was to forgive and follow his path of forgiveness, He forgave Silisia for all his doing. For Vikranta Silisia was his friend and he believed that she would always be his friend no matter what she does and from where she belonged as it will never affect the bond of friendship between both of them. All his followers he was furious as they have humiliated her but his followers tried to calm him, saying that she is not the kind of girl one should talk with and her presence is not right in this holy place as it will corrupt the whole place. For that one moment time, it's he felt this whole world is materialistic its false. The whole system is false, the only thing which was artistic in this world for him was the relationship between him and Silisia and that was the most beautiful thing which happened to him, in that very brief movement, in that relation he found the presence of god.


The days passed by but Vikranta being Vikranta was worried about his friend Silisia, as he knew not in which condition she is or how she is feeling, Maybe that is what love is, it makes you restless, Oh lord thousands of wounds, thousands of cuts you can give me I will bear them with the big smile on my face, but one scratch on the body of my lover will bring tears in my eyes When the life of your lover matters more than the life of your own. Finally Vikranta decided to meet Silisia and go to his brothel, many of his close advisors and his followers asked him, not to meet her but none of their requests can change the decision of Vikranta as he was finally about his decision so he went to meet Silisia to her Brothel house and when she saw her, her eyes were full of tears, she was fully emotionally overwhelmed to see him, she said oh Vikranta you should not have come over here, your presence with me in the place like this is not good for your prestige. By lowering her head tears dribbling down from her cheek continuously she says many people do not see one like us in a respectful way.

The days which I spent with you were the best days of my life. Your presence discarded all my miseries and pain, for a moment I felt like this wretched soul of mine has found true happiness but I realized now that I am a whore and it is my destiny to be here, this brothel is my only home and no one can change that destiny. Vikranta looking at Silisia said his words in Verses.

Vikranta:- Let me know the wish of the whore, tell me what you desire what you adore?

Silisia:- (crying out loud with the tears in her eyes she says)I wish none but, make me a lady again, give me back my pride from me you take away this pain.

This poor Silisia can live without food for and a month, without water days, without air for a fraction. But without honour none, none, none.

Vikranta:- This body of mine follows the command of my soul, the soul which is bound to aid others. The way light eradicates the darkness all around its path, the same way I have also devoted myself completely to eradicating darkness from the life of others. It would be bliss to my soul if I can aid you in any way possible.

Silisia:- I never found true happiness in my entire life, but then by faith somehow I met with you, for a short time of my life I was with you but those were the best days of my life. Don’t know with what words I should ask, I do not adore for money, I do not adore for power, but I want you to accept me as your companion for your life. To the world it is unacceptable but my heart has accepted you as a soul mate. (The tears were continuously dribbling down from their eyes of Silisia and by lowering her head she told all the feelings of her heart).


Vikranta:- Raised her face wiped the tears from her cheeks and embraced her in his arms.

I accept you as my companion from this day to the last day of my death you will be my soul mate, no matter how verse the conditions are or which obstacles I face in my life but I will never leave you. So from that very moment, Silisia and Vikranta lived together forever. Most of his followers opposed him and many were there who raised questions about his Integrity but nothing changed his decision. Vikranta saw something in that brothel which the others were unable to see, he saw a ray of light in the darkness, he saw that hope when he saw that Silisia is teaching her seven years daughter, he believed that no matter how the world treats her but still she has the heart of a mother, the one who cares for her daughter, protect her and is working hard all his life to make sure that she has a better future. Silisia is from the part of the society which one always disgraces and hates but still it is the part of the system. Her existence and the work which she does is not considered respectable in society but the same society does nothing to get them out of those miseries, but Vikranta took a decision because he saw hope he believed that all his deeds will bring change someday in society. So this is the story of Vikranta and Silisia. To disgrace something is easy but if one has to bring the real change he has to change himself.

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