Métier in Procurement!

Métier | Procurement | 04th August 2022 | Virtual Wire



The procurement department provides various roles and positions all the way from operational transactions and vendor management to strategic sourcing or category management.


At present, a career in procurement has a lot of possibilities to grow like anything if you have a passion to play at the front foot. Start bit by bit and step up continuously to achieve the knowledge by developing and executing your skills. It's the understanding of the job with adequate skills to be applied, applying the market knowledge, supplier management, industry expertise, commercial applications like financial instruments applications, implications and consequences, and people management. Procurement is responsible for both optimising costs and reporting on any savings achieved, and delivering more tangible benefits to the business, which includes negotiating multi-million-pound contracts, enabling the introduction of innovative new processes and managing major offshoring operations.

You will also work on specific projects to help reduce costs, introduce new products, or diversify risk. You may lead an effort to explore if corrugate can be a lighter strength or strategical plan for a supply outage from key suppliers. Procurement can be whatever you want it to be in terms of a career. Like any other career, you get out what you put in. Procurement professionals can be passionate and always seeking the next exciting innovation or can just cruise along with the flow. Procurement may be a good fit for you if you value cross-functional roles that have a strategic impact across the organization.

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