Meet Flippy 2: A More Independent Cooking Robot!

Meet Flippy 2 | Independent Cooking | Robot | 14th October 2022 | Virtual Wire



Cooking meals for dozens or hundreds of people every day is definitely laborious.

Waking up before sunrise, preparing, cooking, serving, and most of all, cleaning is exhausting. But what if instead of you, there was a robot that could do most of the cooking more efficiently? Oh, wait! Adaptable to even the tightest kitchen spaces.


MIso Robotics' brilliant innovation, Flippy, is garnering attention from all over the world. "Flippy 2 performs more than twice as many food preparation activities as the previous version, including basket loading, emptying, and returning," Miso Robotics stated in a statement. According to Miso in a release, the first version's principal staff critique was that Flippy required too much human help on either side of its core culinary chores. This involves the initial handling of uncooked food as well as the placement of cooked food in the holding period.


Flippy was essentially replacing the need to continually watch and alter the meal while it was cooking, but not so much in the preparation or follow-through. Moreover, Flippy needed two humans to assist it on either side where it strained over boiling oil. Flippy 2 is more self-sufficient and uses artificial intelligence to identify food (such as fries, onion rings, or chicken tenders). The basket of food is then picked up, fried for the appropriate period of time, and placed in a holding room to stay warm.

Flippy 2 is part of a robotic kitchen revolution in which culinary tasks are delegated to robots, including those meant to operate as in-home personal chefs. Miso sees Flippy 2 as a coworker who handles the potentially risky job of frying, allowing people to focus on other activities. Miso claims that the smaller version of the robot can increase throughput by roughly a third over its predecessor while needing far less human intervention.

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