Memorial: Endsars Protest Turns Bloody!

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Nigerian Youths begin to commemorate victims of 'EndSars' who were gruesomely shot by their Army on 20 October 2020.

Obviously, the Enders was a result of a build-up and pile up of internal unrest, untold hardship and suffering, and every unimaginable and inhuman treatment Nigerian Youths (the gender regardless) have witnessed. A lot of people had their fair share of this horrible and unspeakable experience(s) with the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, commonly known as SARS. It is noted that its members moved away from the reasons for which it was created to perform duties that are way extreme such as extra-judicial killings, unlawful detainment of citizens.

Many have added and attested to both the truth and fact that these individuals extort from them their hard-earned money owing to the country's present economic situation by presenting POS to them or even leading their culprits to ATM galleries to withdraw or transfer money; to whose bank account? This situation is disheartening. It is appalling and one cannot help but outrightly condemn and spite members of this unit who perhaps are under "a target" or even "a budget" from their boss of which Nigerians call "my oga at the top".

However, it is imperative to state that citizens of whatever country (so far, in a democratic government) according to the constitution have the right to protest. Therefore, whatever could cause individuals to protest, is unarguably something not palatable. Whichever adjective one uses to qualify this, perhaps, it is welcomed and understood under a different milieu. In Nigeria particularly and in Africa generally, we may understand that (Nigerian) citizens for so long must have, usually, bore the burden and brunt of such gruesome and unholy actions of which they protest; if at all those needs are fully met or even met- Last year's, 2020, #ENDSARS PROTEST in Nigeria testifies to this.

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These actions and many more are responsible for Africans relegation and subjugation by developed countries who from all reasonable and undeniable evidence aver that African leaders do not care one bit about their citizens. For reasons of extolling, we, however, could possibly say that the narrative could be or is changing but in a very low percentage that is not recognizable and by extension have no reckon when Africans travel abroad thereby seeing the wide margin that exists therein. #ENDSARS PROTEST, by well-meaning Nigerians, one could safely surmise is a welcomed development towards the attainment of a better Nigeria.

In the words of Obafemi Awolowo, " a day will come when Nigerian masses from the North and South, Christians, Muslims and Animists will merge as a force for progress and unity and kick against rigging, corruption and tyranny". we could recall that this protest started in the last 12days as #ENDSARS PROTEST and consequently or subsequently snowballed into other hashtags such as #ENDBAD GOVERNANCE, #ENDASUU STRIKE, #END CORRUPTION etc. It is in the light of the above that one must confess that Nigerian youths are tired of being fooled by politicians who are older than the country; who at every opportunity they have, keep occupying political positions and most importantly, making the lives of its younger citizens miserable.

This protest that seemed well, which also started well, inevitably ended in indisputable mayhem and anarchy by thugs/ hoodlums who thought it wise within their little minds and faculty of thinking is subject to perhaps, eternal godfatherism. If you think and believe that this protest was hijacked by unscrupulous individuals who by all indications without denying have been urged and nudged in a manner that appeals to the soul and palm, then you may be correct.

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The EndSars of October 2020 reminds Nigerians of Nelson Mandela's statement that "the world will never respect Africa until Nigeria earns that respect. The black people of the world are looking up to Nigeria to be a source of pride and confidence. Every Nigerian citizen should be made to understand this". What then are we saying? The wind of change which the Endsars protest was 'supposed' to bring, though hijacked, may sprout up again, perhaps a tooth for tooth now, if the issues being raised are not properly addressed.

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