Mental Health!

Mental | Health | 12th October 2021 | Virtual Wire

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Your mental health is important. Your mental health controls your consciousness and your body functions.

Stress, Grief, Depression are examples of negative effects on your mental health. Studies have shown that serious mental illness can shorten your life by 10 to 15 years.

Ways to your mental wellness

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  • Get enough sleep: We should sleep on time and get up early for mental wellness.

  • Eat healthier: We should not eat fast food because our mind food dulls after eating unhealthy food that's why we should eat only healthy food.

  • Exercise regularly: We should exercise daily for our mental health.

  • Learn new skills: We should always try to learn new skills to increase our knowledge.

  • Learn to manage stress: We should learn to manage our stress. We should not panic about small problems.

  • Train your brain: You should train your mind to fight with all kinds of trouble.

  • Laugh: Be happy, laughing is the solution to all problems. So we should always laugh.

  • Interact with people: We should interact with new people to change our mind thinking.

  • Do something for others: We should do something for others because we feel happy when we do something for others.

  • Avoid all types of drugs: For mental wellness, we should avoid all types of drugs.

Mental illness signs you should not ignore

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