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When there is a balance between the emotional and mental state of a person, it is said to be a healthy mind.

In Indian society, just like sex, mental health has always been taboo. We talk about diseases like aids, kidney failure, heart attack and many other problems, but mental health, we keep tight-lipped. WHY? Why is mental health a taboo? Not just in India, all over the world, people are affected by this problem and this pandemic; it has added fuel to the fire. We see hopeless, depressed, socially weak, stressful people; it is the result of bad mental health.

W.H.O. suggests that about 7.5 per cent suffer from some mental disorder and predicts that by the end of 2021, roughly 20 per cent of India will suffer from mental illness. 56 million Indians suffer from depression and another 38 million Indians suffer from anxiety disorders. According to an analysis by BUZZFEED, 50% of corporate India is under chronic stress. A report by WHO says India is the most depressed country. Around 300 people commit suicide every day. 200 are men and 100 are women.

Mental health not only affects our daily lives but our relationships, our bonds, our friendships, our physical health too. One needs to understand and maintain the balance between responsibilities and the mind. There are a number of factors that disturb the state of mind. A few of them can be restyled whereas others cannot be.


A person’s occupation, self-awareness, education, environment, working atmosphere, age, family, ethnicity, gender, relationships, physical health, chemical imbalances in the brain and many more factors influence the mental health of a person. A person with a mentally disturbed state starts feeling sad. They are confused; their ability to concentrate lessens down. They get suicidal thoughts. Eating disorder, sleeping disorder takes place. A family where a person is happy, where they talk to the members, where their thoughts are said and heard, where they are understood are more likely to be healthy-minded people than a family where there is stress, where children see their parents fighting, where domestic violence is there, where is no regard for each other, where abusive language is used, such families are likely to have disturbed state of mind.

There could be temporary stability but a balance between emotions and responsibilities will be neglected. We need to realize, we are surrounded by different energies. One needs to learn how to channelize these energies. And once channelization of energies is learnt, the mind automatically starts becoming healthy. To channelize these energies, it is very important to make use of our bodies.


We have always heard,” Our body is a machine”, and if a machine is never used, it starts depleting and loses its working efficiency. Likewise, if we don’t make use of our body, it will stop functioning or it will function with problems. Making use of the body means keeping it healthy; exercising, swimming, dancing, yoga, walking, running, playing games are the ways to keep a healthy body. Then eating the right food is very necessary for the body.

Sadhguru once said,” Different bodies have different levels of efficiency if you’re in good health, if you are eating right kind of food and then you empty your bowels, nothing, not a speck should remain in your colon, everything should be gone.” We the today’s generation is so much into technology that our day begins with our phone, our day ends with our phone. We have not connected to nature anymore. When we are in contact with nature, we get in touch with the elements of nature too and it becomes easier to manage our health.

A mentally unstable person starts using drugs but he needs to realize that drugs can give him a temporary relief not permanent. Lack of sleep, drinking alcohol, drugs, avoiding meals, eating junk leads to bad mental as well as physical health. Meditation can help keep the mind quiet. Meditation helps you to calm and get connected to the universe. One needs to know how important their life is, how precious they are, they need to value themselves than criticize selves.


Change in the atmosphere can bring a major change in one’s life. Staying away from the energies which disturb one’s life brings a change. If not advising, listening to the person can help him in many ways. Making a person feel valued is the biggest thing. Therefore this is how we can help a person improve his mental health.

“What mental health needs are more sunlight, more candour, and more unashamed conversation.” -Glenn Close.

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