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Mental health is important is an understatement. Mental health is essential. It is not something we should preach about. It’s something that we should pursue. Understanding mental health is important because it’s a process of becoming a better version of yourself.

Have you ever been asked, “how are you really doing mentally?” I assume a big NOOO. Because most of the “how are you?” are just conversation starters and people don’t really care about the answer. By people, I refer to us. Oh yeah! That might hurt but voila it’s out. As the cat is out of the box I would like to address mental health. People should more often talk about mental health. I know there are a lot of questions right now. WHAT? HOW? WHY?

TO start off let's understand WHAT is mental health? It does not fit into a definition. Simply put it’s the well being of your inside like emotionally and psychologically. We strongly believe health only counts when it comes to physical well being. But maybe it’s high time we realize mental health is also as indispensable as physical health. Coming to the HOW to know if I am in good mental health? How do I figure out if someone is mentally ill?

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  • Not feeling like yourself.

  • Self-doubt or overwhelming guilt.

  • Dynamic change in eating and sleeping routine.

  • A quick change in emotions.

  • Unmanageable emotional out blast.

  • Feeling anxious.

  • Not having a stable relationship with people around.

  • Not having a clear sense of how you feel.

  • Not ready to talk about how you feel.

If most of your answers are YES then it’s time to take a deep breath and get ready to work on yourself. YOU ARE NOT ALONE we all go through this but accepting I am not in good mental health and taking steps about it makes you better than the rest of them. Being in good mental comes with a package of being a little selfish about yourself. Putting yourself first. We must also understand our mental health keeps fluctuating. So always checking on you, have a feeling of belongingness. Understand yourself better; know when to say ‘NO’. In short life by the mantra of loving, knowing and proudly owning yourself.

WHY Do I have to do it? Because you owe it to you to keep yourself happily healthy. You can’t control anything in this universe but you can control yourself. Keeping yourself mentally healthy is the highest form of self-love you can give yourself. It doesn’t mean being a saint or a monk. It simply means don’t just exist but live. Being the most possible human that you can be.

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Depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, loss these words mean deeper than they actually are. There is nothing such as big or small trauma. Everyone face things with is huge to them. So stop comparing and start listening. When someone shares their sufferings maybe just listening and put yourself in their shoes. Sometimes you don’t have to say anything but really listen and show them they are loved and safe. Talking about it and listening can solve half of it.

Losing someone, not feeling worthy, confused about things, failing on career, starting over again, seeing no reason to wake up each morning, not feeling loved, wanting to cry, wanting to punch a wall, the jealousy it’s all so scary but everything is fine. Yes, IT IS FINE. That's how we roll. Life is not gonna be “picture perfect” it’s complicated and that’s the beauty about it. As I said accepting and figuring out makes more sense than spiralling about “why am I miserable?” and:” why it happens only to me?”

One step at a time right? So let’s understand what mental health is and move on steadily from there. And I would also like to leave a note behind saying next time when you ask people “how are you?” mean it. Just mean it. Hey! And it's gonna be fine and you got this.

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