Millennials Vs Gen Z!

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Today's swiftly developing world had created many subtle differences even among the few years gap generations.

Millennials are anyone born from 1980 to 1995. Generation Z is anyone born between 1996 and early-mid the early mid-2000s. Although they share similarities still both generations are different in many aspects or let's say almost all aspects. So, it's important for the companies to understand their perspective of living in order to expand their markets and for parents, understanding this concept might help them to improve their bond with their children.



Gen Z or Zoomers are more realistic and practical towards the idea of work opportunities. They believe in a workplace that will bring a broad working concept with higher growth to them. They quit their jobs and always look for better opportunities. On the other hand, Millennials tend to be more believing in company loyalty, and stability and stick to jobs just

with higher salaries. As the economy is declining, it's believed that Gen Z will work even harder than previous generations. Zoomers believes in independence and prefers to do their own task. Millennials have a culture of collaboration in the workplace and other responsibilities but Zoomers do not believe in collaboration if their skillset is broad. They believe that their hard work should pay off for them, not others.

Zoomers are also known as tech natives or iG as they are born in the world with much-developed technology. Millennialswitnessed the world evolving to the technology but they were born in a world with no social media and internet. Some of them don't even know how

to operate a computer and are not aware of the social media world. And because of the same reason Zoomers are more self-reliant and multitaskers. But as everything has its own pros and cons. Technology has also made Zoomers have a difficult time as their life span is affected by smartphones and modern technology. Being in regular contact with others' lives

had somewhere made them less thoughtful of what they actually want and they feel less valuable or other times they have superiority complex.


Boomers are more emotional than Millennials. They face more stressful situations, depression, and other mental health problems. According to studies, they are more sensitive to others' behaviour, and social life, and more thoughtful that had affected their lives. But the better point of view is that Gen Z has ended the stigma of ignoring mental health issues. It's reported that about 37% more Zoomers prefer to go for therapy and seek help. The concern for mental health has grown in the near future. Even the learning way of both generations has a slight difference.

Unlike the boomers and Gen X, Both Millenials and Gen Z prefer other ways of good education than paying for expensive tuition on-demand. But the difference between Millenials and Zoomers is their educational approach. Millennials believe in a setting where everyone should learn at the same pace but for Zoomers, everyone's learning speed matters. Gen Z approach for on demand learning tools like online courses, tutorials and training programs.


There is a key called "Zennials" - anyone born in b/w 1996 to 1999. These are closely influenced by Millenials in terms of fashion sense. But younger Zoomers have differences here too. They prefer Y2K aesthetics unless Millenials. Millennials prefer direct communication and expressing their views but Zoomers are more conscious of their talking or being discarded by someone. Concluding in all, Zoomers are an optimistic yet risk-averse group while Millenials are a collaborative and impact-oriented generation. Millennials came at the age of the economic boom while Zoomers are shaped by the economic pressures faced by the community. Zoomers are more exposed to national, and international threats, cyber crimes, and financial crises hence their lives are never considered normal and this generation had never felt a safe world.

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