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In this technological world, it is really important to make yourself happy. Because there are so many ups and downs in everyone’s life including family issues, career problems, relationship status, and many more.

Ultimately, whatever you do in your life is your choice and simply it’s in your hand. But the “Mind is everything” that we can’t neglect it. If your mind is strong then you are the master of CEO of your life isn’t, it? When you struggle with lots of issues than in the end it all matters about mental peace. After all, it is your call and responsibility to make yourself happy in this fast-phase environment. It’s your business to regard your mind and motivate yourself. Meanwhile, motivation becomes a vital part of everyone’s life. Learn to be present and enjoy every moment of your life. In this article, we are going to discuss how our life goes and how we should deal with grace and dignity that make us feel better about our growth and development. After all, “Mind Matters”.

How to Motivate Yourself?


When you compare to the others that simply means you are going to stop somewhere regarding your growth. Because comparison kills creativity. Every person has individuality. For example, there are two pencils in front of you & one is not sharp enough and another is not colourful enough. Both are perfect in their places but when we compare both of them to each other we forget their differences of them and we lose their individuality. Meanwhile, you have to focus on yourself instead of others and don’t compare yourself with others. Sometimes in your life, your plan doesn’t get work what you do or expect, and sometimes unexpected happen.

There are various things you must remember in your life regarding motivation. Here are five tips that you can follow for yourself today and every day.

  • From your hectic schedule, you must give a small break when you need one.

  • If you did a mistake then accept it with grace, make mistakes, and learn from it but don’t repeat the same mistakes.

  • Give yourself credit and compliments for your hard work and patience.

  • When you need any kind of help then permit yourself to help yourself though situations are cosy.

  • Give respect to others which you want exactly from them meanwhile Give respect and take respect.

How to Face Challenges?


Challenges are part of life. If there is no challenge in your life it means, there is no progress. It makes you feel like life is full of interesting stuff and if you overcome it then it becomes your success. Did you know how to face the challenges? The main point is most often people don’t understand what constitutes challenges. Without a solid definition, you can’t go further to overcome it. You have to follow some strategies to overcome the challenges to make your life better.

  • Make a plan.

  • Ask for help.

  • Accept the support.

  • Help others too.

  • Think big and be positive.

  • Don’t give up.

  • Believe in yourself.

How to Channelize your negative emotions?


We often stuck with ourselves in some negative emotions or situations. That time you should think positively because we all know the famous line ‘This too shall pass”. So let’s accept the negative moment and try to channel it by using various ways. Anger, Greed, Illusion, Envy, Lust, Ego, and Sloth are some emotions that give birth to various negativity but the root cause is one of them. The good sound is here on how to deal with the negative situation. By practising every day, you can deal with it. I know it is quite easy to say but difficult to follow but we should move on. With consistency and practice dealing with these emotions a become a little easy and quick when you follow some steps:

  • Take a pause.

  • Acknowledge your emotions.

  • Think and reflect on your action.

  • Help yourself.

All emotions are powerful but Love, kindness, Gratitude, Hope, Pride, and joy these are more powerful than anything else. Every person has a negative and positive side, but it is your choice to choose the side and practice accordingly. You can’t run from the negativity it is part of everyone’s life. It depends on us how we are using the power of our pain into strength. It is in our hands to channel your pain into various activities like writers, dancers, painters, poets, and something creative. So the choice is yours.

Final Thoughts


I hope you like these above mindful thoughts and gained some perspective towards life. In this article, we have discussed life. Think about it and work accordingly. Ultimately, whatever you do in your life is your choice and simply it’s in your hand. But the “Mind is everything” that we can’t neglect it. If your mind is strong then you can become the master CEO of your life.

Keep reading and enjoy life.

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