Minimalism - A way of living

Minimalism means having fewer things and making the most out of them and the people who follow the concept of minimalism known as minimalists.

Following minimalism doesn't mean to do something extreme or extra, there is only one rule of minimalism "less is more".

To be a minimalist you don't need to follow someone else's rules of minimalism. being a minimalist shouldn't pressurize you but it should give you a way of eying this World with different perspectives.

To live a minimalist lifestyle one can also consider decluttering, it is a process of getting rid of things that you feel are of no use and are just lying around.

Make a wise choice, think before making any new purchase, ask yourself some questions like

Do I own something like this?

How long will I be using this?

Donate things that you think you don't need but someone else can use and Make the most out of what you have.

One of the most important things about minimalism is choosing "Quality over Quantity", you don't need many things in your life, you only need things that can add value to your life and things you can use for a long time.

Like you don't need to have a lot of clothes instead you can invest in pieces which are of good quality and you can wear them most of the time.

Around 5 to 6 years ago we didn't have much information about minimalism, most people didn't even know about it. But today we have so much information available online and more and more people are following it. And today most of us love to watch Netflix and there is a documentary available on Netflix called "Minimalism-A documentary about important things", Which gives us so much information about minimalism and minimalist lifestyle and it is a must-watch for the people who want to know about this in deep. other than this documentary there are a lot of books and articles are available online And if you want to look at some real-life example so you can watch YouTubers like

Malana life

Saloni Srivastava

Deanna Vy

Matt D'Avella

Style apotheca

Heal Your Living

They present the topic of minimalism and minimalist lifestyle so beautifully and record their daily life following minimalism.

If a person can follow minimalism then it teaches us much like we how we don't need a lot of materialistic things and gives us a new perspective of living.

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