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The world revolves around endless possibilities but, one thing that is for sure is the week fatigue before the actual week begins.

Do you as well think that Mondays linger on longer than any other days? Do you believe that the movie buff in you suffocates on Thursdays? Well set back and read ahead which sci-fi movies will make you go through this week with comparatively more excitement.

1. Your Monday Blues need motivation with



The first day of the week has went by and in the evening, you are not feeling quite like yourself. The inner child in you doesn’t talk to you anymore which is why you think that you have become an adult but, at what cost? Tomorrowland is a movie that would spark a conversation between your child-self and adult-self. It revolves around disbeliefs and doubts which are later solved and progressed into something meaningful. This movie gives you right amount of thoughts for an ice-breaker to the monotone of routine.

2. Your Tuesday will look for the partner ‘curiosity’



Monday movie brought in motivation. But is it enough? Well this movie will keep alive the curiosity in you to get through one more day. It will definitely bring in some ideas to keep on the activity in your brain. It just an “what if?” movie with a very great cast and an even more extraordinary off-screen artists without whom this movie couldn’t be what it is.

3. Not so weak Wednesday



Two days down and the spirits are high. And just so we not let it go to vain, this movie tells us that even though most of the stuff is out of our control, we will always reach to the same interests and passions even if we forget about them. And it is not only about that, but also about no matter what happens humans will always gravitate towards their passion and how we are never too far away from it.

4. Time’s messenger Thursday



What a roller coaster week and you are almost done with it. And so, you are low-key wondering today that “if there was away to tell your last Sunday self that this week won’t be too bad”, you would’ve done that already isn’t it? And so, you are ready for a time travel movie today. This movie will take you through the journey of not only “the time traveller’ but also his partner.

5. All on Friday



Done with the hardest part of the week? Well great job! Now give yourself a pat on the back. But the week was filled with so many interesting movies that now you want to dive deep in this ocean. And let me tell you it is very vast. While you were swimming through all this time you have reached to its heart. And a few jewels embellished there you grab one which is one of the most mind-boggling movies anyone has seen. Don’t worry I won’t give any spoilers except one that is, it will definitely one of the best movie experiences that you have gone through. Now sit back and enjoy.

6. Storyteller Saturday



Last movie has definitely awakened “this couldn’t be completely impossible” feeling in you. And not going too off track from that feeling another pearl from that sea is this movie. This movie radiates a nice Saturday feeling but sci-fi way. The thing that fascinates me is that it is completely a narration story and you could actually listen it as a podcast as well! Well this kind of presentation is not common for the sci-fi genre but this is really stands-out in not only its presentation but in its story too.

7. Feel good Sunday



Today is the last day of the week or the first, totally depends on the point of view and the sci-fi movie fever that you have. Today could’ve have been a rom-com kind of day but as the theme of the week suggests it is not. But you could definitely get the best of both worlds this time. While swimming in the sea of sci-fi movies you have returned from the depths to get a breath of fresh air just to go in the deep waters of next week. And this movie will be definitely a breather for you. It just shows life but with a sprinkle of unusual. It shows us that certain things won’t bring certainty in our lives, they won’t give us everything because then the life would be meaningless. We will always have to look for a tailor-made meaning of life which would be unadulterated and incomparable to someone else’s.

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