My sister and I have different parents!

Sister | Parents | 04th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

Okay, before you ask. Of course not literally. Technically they are the same people, physically biologically or however else you would want to talk about it.

I mean we have the same people but with completely different parenting styles. I had a relatively traditional, conservative family that had taboo topics. Having a crush on an actor at 13 was wrong.

Her thirteenth birthday cake, a surprise cake if I may add, had the picture of an anime character she had a crush on. Do I have to use metaphors to explain the distance in parenting in the five-year gap? I had to sneak in romance novels and the conversations about pride problems were again taboo topics.

Now my mom wanted to read my copy of the Red, White and Royal blue (the book about two really cool guys falling in love) I could only wear traditional clothes in like auspicious occasions, my sister could wear shorts and chill.

I couldn’t go to my friend's house, she could go anywhere she wants to. And I’ve had so much time to process this information. I have gone through phases of denial, fury, anger, hurt, being snide about it and making Oh so many jokes about it.

None of them actually helped me get over this biased treatment. I was a damsel in distress. Finally, though, I read this somewhere. A parent is born when a child is. They were trying hard with me. They grew up as I did. They were exploring the world as much I was. I always questioned them, asked them why something was a certain way.

Why they wanted something out of me that other parents did not, why they expected something out of me. And however they reacted in the heat of the moment does not matter, because, in the long run, they have gotten better. They were not bad parents to me they were good. Really good in fact.

Jeff Bezos said,” Just because we are good that doesn’t mean we can’t become better”. And guess what they became better. And I can say that like it or not, I made them better. I am a cool kid now, thanks to them. They are cool parents now and that’s…… thanks to me.

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